Welcome to Thailand: Land of Smiles

Thailand is such a diverse country - with many different areas - that you are sure to find what you really want from a holiday in this wonderful land.

From the most northern tip or down in the south - and of course all the places between - there will be a wide range of sights and things to do in Thailand.

Each area has its own unique identity, yet shares the common things that makes Thailand such a sought after destination for tourists and visitors from all parts of the world.

If you have been to Thailand before, then give serious thought to spending at least a little time in a different area to the one that you know.

You are sure to be surprised - hopefully, pleasantly surprised. Don't be shy of trying the different cuisine of the many parts of Thailand.

For the Thailand holidaymaker/tourist, the choice can be overwhelming, and is often not fully appreciated with holiday package tours that allow just a few days here and there! Thailand is a great place for a holiday.

Travel is relatively simple and cheap, and of course the hotels - especially in the main tourist areas are second to none. Not to be overlooked is the fixation with sport in Thailand - and for the sporty visitor Golf in Thailand beckons!

Thai people are up there at the top, with their kindness, hospitality, and general demeanor. "The Land of a Thousand Smiles" is not just a slogan, it is a way of life. Yes there are a few political problems - voiced in the way that Thais know best, but under all that, there is a welcoming factor that is Thailand. In short...

Thailand is what you want it to be!

Thailand Holidays: An insight into the vast opportunities for enjoyable holidays in Thailand.

The North of Thailand

To the north of Thailand, we have Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai - cooler than the rest of Thailand, with it's mountainous terrain, agricultural mainstay economy, ancient cities and temples abound.

The home of the numerous Thai arts and craft and of course food. Yes the food of the north is really something different.

North East Thailand - Isan

Assorted Isan foods - seved up ready to eat!One of the remotest areas in the north east of Thailand - beloved by tourists wanting to see Thailand as it once was. If that sounds a little unkind, it is not meant to be.

Without doubt, Isan is one of the poorest areas of Thailand - very dependent upon rice farming and the like.

There are a number of other industries slowly developing into Isan, but the area is steeped in history, historic ways and customs and cultures of Thailand.

It is here - more than in any other part of the Kingdom - that you will find deep-rooted respect for the family structure. This respect is taken by Isan people to all parts of the country where they go to seek more profitable work in order that they may send money home to help support the families they have left behind.

The South West Andaman Coast

Sunset down at the Andaman coastSouthern Thailand is home to the Islands and washed by the Gulf of Thailand for the East beaches and the Andaman Sea for the West coast.

Phuket - who has not heard of Phuket - is the place for all manner of water sports and pure white beaches and the cooling palms which give shelter - if it is needed!

If you want seclusion, you can find it here. Also in the South West there is beautiful Krabi. If you do not like commercialism, then this could be the place for you - but you will need to be quick!

The awesome limestone cliffs if you are up for some skilled rock climbing, or the golden sands of the beaches lapped by the Andaman Sea.

Upper Southern Gulf

Beautiful Beach on the Upper Southern GulfWe differentiate between the lower southern gulf and the upper southern gulf areas of Thailand.

True, they both share the same sea - being the Gulf of Thailand - but whilst the south east gulf is surrounded by Thailand on all but the southern-most area which abuts Malaysia, the upper gulf area of Thailand, is for the most part neighbour to Burma - or Myanmar as now is.

This neighbour to the west of the area, deprives the upper gulf area of the Andaman sea - so beloved by visitors to the lower southern gulf. But is has the Gulf of Thailand to the east, with countless island to explore, together with some beautiful beaches.

The Centre

Wat Pho in BangkokBetween the North and South of course, there lies the Thailand central region. That centre is Bangkok! Bangkok City is a microcosm of all that is Thai culture!

The capital city is home to the Grand Palace, where His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was crowned in 1950. The King is adored by the Thai people - and not without good reason, for he epitomises all that is good in the Thai way of life.

In Bangkok, old and new are juxtaposed, both in the buildings, where Historic Temples no longer own the skyline - lost to skyscraper blocks.

The colourful night-life of the tourist and the near poverty of the street traders. The preying westerners, who are often out-preyed by their quarry! It is Bangkok. Make of it as you will, but it cannot be ignored whilst in Thailand.

The East Coast

Three chedi in East coast WatThe Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, is home to provinces such as Chonburi, Rayong and Chantaburi. Together with this of course - it is also home to Pattaya.

But, famous as it is, Pattaya is not 'all' of the eastern area of Thailand. There are many unique areas in the Eastern part of Thailand, including some fine national parks and access to many beautiful islands.

Even if the tour guide books ignore much of Eastern Thailand, you should not. Venture out from Pattaya to find some amazing villages, towns, and local produce - including home-mined gem stones which are world famous to those in the know. Fruit also features in this area.


Hand Detail of the Big Buddha in PattayaThe coastal resort of pattaya is a close neighbour of Bangkok - being just South East of the capital - but it has the sea!

The peaceful fishing village has long since gone, and in it's place we have vibrancy at night 'borrowed' from the capital perhaps, but also all that can be wished for in a sun-kissed coastline - active or passive. Oh, and it has the Islands.

So, Thailand can be what you want it to be! Please treat it with respect. It is a great place in which to holiday. It is a greater place in which to live!


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