Pattaya Sports and Sporting Activities

Pattaya is a great place for sporting activities as well as its famous night life. Find a listing of all important sport venues and clubs in Pattaya area.

There is a wide range of sport in Pattaya and surrounding areas. You can do - or you can look. It's your choice.

Pattaya is rightly popular for its water-based sport, but there is also plenty of sporting activity in formal or incidental areas all over Pattaya.

The resort of Pattaya is world renowned for its golf courses - and rightly so. But you can also partake in many other sports such as archery and shoot arrows, go round the kart track, find a swimming pool - or shoot some pool.

You will not be able to drive far along any of the main Sois - roads - before you see a fitness gym.

As with all parts of Thailand, working out on gym apparatus is considered by many as the main step to personal fitness.

Some of the sports on offer are essentially spectator sports in the first instance. If you enjoy as spectator, you may decide to take up the sport as a competitor.

There are many opportunities to learn all aspects of any sport in Pattaya. All sport is well represented on the Eastern Seaboard.

List of Sports Activities in Pattaya

Thai Boxing

Muaythai Muay Thai - Muay Thai is popularly referred to simply as Kick Boxing. If you study it, you will soon see that it is rather more than simply kicking your opponent. There are procedures and customs to follow - at the start, during , and after the fight!

Bungee Jumping

Not normally classed as a sport, but great fun, and as it is an activity we will list it here as a sport.

Golf Courses and Golf Clubs

To those in the know, Golf in and around Pattaya is world class, with superb greens fairways and invariably good weather. The facilities at the Pattaya Golf courses are normally first rate.

Gym and Fitness Centers

You could be forgiven for thinking that Pattaya is the world centre for gymnasia! Many of the gyms are situated at roadside - giving you good visual access to what you may expect.

Tennis Courts and Clubs

Pattaya plays host to the WTA tournaments - but as well as spectating, there are many clubs and facilities for indulging yourself in this active sport.

Badminton Courts and Clubs

All of the badminton facilities and clubs in Pattaya hire the equipment you will need to try out this exhilarating sport. Beware of the fact that is is habit-forming! A great way to keep fit with the pleasurable but highly competitive sport of badminton.

Bowling Lanes and Alleys

We talk of ten-pin bowling. And Pattaya has several good bowling alleys with all the normal facilities - including drink and food to hand.

Go Kart Tracks

Shooting Ranges and Clubs

Horse Riding Stables and Clubs

Motor Racing

Fishing and Angling

This informative article will set you on the right track to taking up - or carrying out - the sport of angling. Many of the lakes more or less 'guarantee' a huge catch (from the water!). You will not be disappointed with fishing in Pattaya.

Scuba Diving

Pattaya is a great place from which to embark upon a scuba trip for the day (or so). Whilst the waters around Pattaya are not too good for this visual sport, there are trips that can be arranged from this jumping-off place.

Many dive shops in the area will fill you in on the necessary details of the best places to sail off to, and also arrange all that you require.

Snorkeling Tours

Our resident scuba and snorkeling expert gives the lowdown about Snorkeling in and around Pattaya.

Flying and Skydiving

Swimming Pools and Clubs

With so much water along the coast, it might seem frivolous to host a swimming pool. But all good resorts and residential villages have at least a community pool at your disposal.

If you want something more resembling a proper competitive swimming pool - our list will help you.

Polo Clubs


Yes we have Pattaya United - ok so it's not quite ManU.