Pattaya Pilgrims: An Ode to Pattaya Man

The economy of Pattaya - and indeed many parts of 'farming' Thailand - owes much to the Pattaya Pilgrims.

This group of followers make regular trips back to Pattaya each year and seemingly never learn anything.

Where would the Pattaya Ladies be without them.

This is not to say of course that all Pattaya ladies are the same - nor Pattaya visitors.

But most are (ha ha tongue in cheek).

Your heart is so heavy, and your wallet so light,
We all tried to warn you, but you thought you were right.
Now at the airport – alone without ‘Honey’
She’s back in Pattaya – with all of your money!

So farewell Falang, we’ll see you next year
Nothing will change, they’re all waiting here..
For you - and the others – with smile on their face
As back from the Airport, to Pattaya you race

She’s waiting to greet you and of course she’s been true
You’ve sent her the money each month – as you do.
She’s been waiting at home from Pattaya so far
Take care of her baby – not work in the bar

She’s come back to Pattaya – just to see you.
So she says; you believe it is true…
“Hey – Hi there Honey” shouts man from next bar
“You have one more boyfriend – so now you have ha!” (5 in Thai is transliterated “ha”)

“You still work in bar?” You ask in dismay
To this lady who loves only you – so she say…
“No! Not work in bar – that man he tells lie”
“You think I am liar?” I’m not butterfly!”

She’s been back at her farm taking care of her baby,
Her mother and father and buffalo – maybe!.
She’s such a good girl and she’s been waiting for you
She’s beautiful, sexy; what else can you do?

The ATM’s waiting – it gives you your money
It’s not yours of course; it belongs to your ‘Honey’
Man from next bar shout out “Hey! Where you go?”
“We’re all waiting here; Me, Charley and Joe”.

“You go for short time; with just one man tonight?”
“Last night was so good – you gave such delight”
“What’s this you are hearing? You ask of your Honey”
Too late mate – she’s gone, and she’s got all your money!