Pattaya Markets and Shopping Malls

Many markets in Pattaya suit all tastes. We list the important ones on this main page with links to full pages of information about Pattaya Markets.

As with all areas of Thailand, Pattaya is awash with markets of all kinds.

Pattaya has many 'specialist' markets as well as the normal general markets.

Food Markets, Clothes markets, Floating Market, and Flower Markets just to name a few.

We list the ones that we like and which we feel are worth a visit.

If your local market in Pattaya is not listed, then don't be offended. We probably have not got around to it yet.

The Floating Market

One of Pattaya's popular tourist haunts. the tour busses - and their contents - fill the floating market up early in the day - and keep it that way until dusk.

Everyone moves, so there is always space. Lots to snack on and lots to buy. The usual tourist bits but also some nice genuine Thai crafts.

Thepprasit Weekend Market

Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. All the latest fashions are here - at a good range of prices. (Shop around to get the best). Most of the vendors have caught on to the fact that foreigners - falangs - are bigger than Thais.

They stock sizes accordingly. Many Thai ladies do most of their fashion shopping at Thepprasit Weekend Market.

Weekend Flower Market

If you have a garden to stock up or a few nice ceramic pots to fill, then this is the best place in Pattaya for a huge range of plants. Many of the pro garden companies use this market as their main source of supply.

Orchids everywhere of course, but also many trees and shrubs. Instant gardening no problem if you use this Pattaya Flower Market. Open a bit on Friday afternoon - but Saturday and Sundays are the main times.

Bang Saray Sunday Market

This market opens on the second Sunday of each month.

Pattaya Floating Market

Besides food, fashion, fruit, seafood, and plant markets, there is also the floating market tourist attraction.

Shopping Centers in Pattaya

Pattaya Has many shops - raging from the large supermarkets through to the specialist retailer. We guide you to the best shops and shopping areas. With the regular influx of tourists from various countries, there are many shops in the mall-type shopping centres that cater more of less for the visitor to Pattaya trade.

Resident of Pattaya are well catered for with the large supermarkets in particular. All day to day items are available in the street food vendors, 'corner shops - represented by the Seven-Eleven and Family Mart shops and the supermarkets.

The shopping malls are for the fashion-conscious and gift hunter - either to take back to their own country or for local recipients! Many western brands are to be found in the supermarkets, but the Thai home brands are of course cheaper.

Central Festival Shopping Mall

Central Fesitval is the largest shopping mall complex in Pattaya and is conveniently situated on Beach Road, but with an entrance from second road - together with car/motor-cycle access to multi story car park - and a slightly crowded motorbike park.Tesco Lotus.

There are two large Tesco lotus supermarkets well situated on main road sites.Big C is the other main supermarket chain, with three stores in Pattaya - South Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road, Central Pattaya on Pattaya Klang, and in North Pattaya, just off North Pattaya Road.

The Central Pattaya supermarket, is branded as Big C Extra. It also has a range of more up-market goods not on offer at the other two.Carrefour - Carefour - Pronounced locally as 'Kaahfooo'. This is now Big C Extra on Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Road)