Bang Saray Market

Bang Saray Weekend Market

A section of the Bang Saray Beach area is closed off to traffic one Sunday each month to allow for a good street market.

The beach area at Bang Saray continues to flourish - now with its own Walking Street.

No need to worry, it is totally different to the Pattaya Walking Street.

Walking Street at Bang Saray Beach is simply the few hundred meters of beach road nearest to the town.

It is closed off to traffic on one Sunday per month (at the moment) and transformed into a bustling street market.

Currently the market happens on the second Sunday of the month.

As with the rest of Bang Saray, the market is a clean venue, with a wide range of vendors, selling everything from traditional Thai food and snacks to a good selection of clothes and shoes vendors. All seems reasonably priced, and there is a good atmosphere throughout.

As well as the selling vendors, there are various musical group scattered about the market, with a slightly less informal music event in the evenings.

We would be very surprised if this did not turn into a regular event - more than one Sunday per month.

The market normally starts at 3.00pm and there is plenty of car parking space - free at the moment - either along the beach, or in the purpose provided rough patch - which is ok in the dry weather.

With bang Saray beach area alive with Thai 'tourists' - many from Bangkok, it is little surprising that the market has a distinct traditional feel about it.

Bang Saray Walking Street Sunday MarketNot too many of the junky tourist vendors at the moment. Hopefully it will stay that way as the market expands.

Whilst there is a wide range of food on sale - Traditional Isan and other Thai favorites, there is not a glut of places to actually eat. However the beach area and surrounding restaurants are always open and hopefully they will gain from the market's presence.

If the market is run by the Bang Saray authorities, then hopefully the resident local traders will be taken care of, and the area not turned into a free-for-all.

The market is in a pleasant setting - next to the beach, and fringed with palm trees - a little bit unique and all making for a pleasant few hours of bargain hunting.

The Sunday market can be reached from either end of the beach. Coming along the beach side of the market, there is plenty of parking right next to the market along the beach road, and also in the car parks that have been set up.

Entering from the Bang Saray village will not be so easy once the market gets better known. There is however, plenty of scope for parking in various areas of the village.

No doubt Bang Saray will benefit commercially from the addition of this market. It is hoped that the village and beach area - so quiet and tidy when compared with neighbouring Pattaya, will not be spoilt with the influx of tourist to the area.

There are of course many other developments nearby which will all help to 'popularise' Bang Saray - hopefully without 'tourising' it too much.