Beaches in Pattaya: Beach Road

Speedboats ready for the islands at Pattaya Beach

There are many hidden sandy beaches in and around Pattaya including the famous beaches frequented by most holidaymakers.

Some are quite secluded beaches - so secluded that you will find it hard to believe that you are still in or near Pattaya.

A few of the smaller beaches and coves are private - being accessed only from hotels.

You are almost guaranteed sunshine for most if not all of the day.

Even in the rainy season, it will be rare not to get a good helping of sun.

The facilities - and quality of facilities will vary from beach to beach, though there is a move towards uniformity bit by bit. Whether that will be achieved is open to question.

This is Thailand, and one thing Thailand laves to be , is different and independent! There is a growing population of visitors and resident ex-pats.

Weekends especially are now a getaway haven for Thais from Bangkok and surrounding provinces. Pick-up trucks full of family from far away provinces flood into Pattaya for every holiday and many weekends.

The quieter beaches are further out from Pattaya, but the long Jomtien Beach has enough space - and sand - to accommodate all. Most of the beaches here are accessible by public transport - Songtheaws - but some will only be accessible by private car or motorbike.

Take a short car journey - or motorbike, and you are privy to a whole new world of beaches near Pattaya - and away from the crowds!

Pattaya Beach

One of the most famous - and densely populated - beaches in the world. There has been concern about the sand erosion at Pattaya beach, but the City council are working hard to remedy this problem.

The beach road that runs the length of the beach has everything to offer by way of shops and eating. It is also the gateway to many of the night-time sois for which the city is famous.

Jomtien Beach

A quieter option to Pattaya, with much more space, and is considerably more 'family-friendly' is Jomtien beach. The beach is long, and there are plenty of facilities and food shops available both on and off the beach.

The whole of the Jomtien area is seeing a wide range of accommodation units being built, and it will not be too long before this area competes for the number 1 spot in Pattaya. More family-friendly than the Pattaya Beach area.

Check out the fishing boats at Jomtien beach front. It is hard work for some Thais as they scrape a living from fishing in the surrounding bays.

Dongtan Beach

This long stretch of white sand is actually a part of Jomtien beach. But, Dongtan beach is a different type of sandy recluse - not least because it is known as the local Gay Beach.

Wongamat Beach

You will find Wongamat beach situated on the northern side of Pattaya - in Naklua.

Baan Amphur Beach

This is a little-known beach in Pattaya. The beach at Baan Amphur is very quiet, but with an interesting 'fitness' park and some good assorted beach restaurants.

Bang Saray Beach

You can find this area a short drive (20mins) south east from Pattaya.Bang Saray beach is well worth the journey, if you like peace and solitude.

Hat Sai Kaew Beach

Hat Sai Kaew beach is the next beach along from Bang Saray - administered by the Royal Thai Navy, but open to the public.