Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats at Jomtien Beach

Whilst the Jomtien beach area is a favourite for tourists and holidaymakers, life goes on as normal for the fishermen who sail from the beach.

It is easy to forget when walking about in Pattaya, that it is also home to normal Thai people going about their daily business to earn money for themselves and extended families.

The fishermen who sail out from Jomtien Beach are no exception - often fishing all night to return their catch the following morning.

Fishing boats land on the beach at Jomtien - normally winched to the sandy beach from the tractor winch.

Fishing Boats at Jomtien BeachThen the painstaking work of 'un-netting' the catch begins.

The netted catches were various, with crabs seeming to be the most sought after prize.

Needless to say, with their pair of pincers and spiny legs, they become well entangled in the fine nets and can often take several minutes per crab to free without damage to the net.

Many of the fish and seafood bought ashore are, of course, sold to the local restaurants in Jomtien.

They are sought out by locals as the fishing boats beach, or disposed of at the many markets in Pattaya.