Dongtan Beach in Pattaya

Dongtan Beach in Pattaya is a beautiful, 1.5 km well kept area with golden sands and many shade trees for all - gays included.

Dongtan beach is well situated in Pattaya - between the mighty Pattaya and Jomtien beaches so so little known or used.

It actually joins Jomtien beach, and is claimed as some as being Jomtien Beach but it is a very different area and somewhat different beach.

It should not be confused with the 'other' Dongtan Beach situated at Sattahip!

Dongtan beach as around 1.5km long - a narrow strip of sand - backed by coconut palms broad leaf trees and the normal pine type of trees - the real name of which being Casuarina.

Dongtan beach starts at the Jomtien end, where the Jomtien beach road ends - or rather angles off to the right - up towards Thepprasit road.

One of the reasons for the seclusion of this beach may well be that it is backed by several of the largest hotel resorts of the Pratumnak area - Pattaya Park Beach Resort being one of them.

One of many good things about this beach is that it has the largest area set aside for swimming, and does not have the constant roar and sand churning of the speed boats which are part of the Pattaya Beach scene and increasingly so with the main Jomtien beach.

Dongtan Beach in PattayaDongtan sand is golden rather than white, with a slightly more coarse texture than the finer white sand found further along the coast towards Sattahip.

The beach is quite clean - other than the few mounds of sand where rubbish is buried - why do they do that? It is generally a peaceful beach - away from the frenzy of Pattaya Beach, and the increasing commercialism of Jomtien Beach.

One thing above others that distinguishes it from its neighboring Pattaya Beaches, is that it is the local gay haunt. You will need to get used to the male massage areas along the beach - rather than seeing the tradition lady Thai massage experts.

Between the long beach and the hotels, is a well maintained vehicle-free road - almost an esplanade, and a long meandering footpath through the Casuarinas. Plenty of shade to be got from the trees - and of course from the umbrella areas.

The area is a favourite for the hotel and resort visitors, and as a result is generally more 'up-market' than Jomtien and Pattaya beaches.

There are several coffee shops, bistros and real restaurants along the pedestrian road, and of course the beach area itself is home to the normal beach type food outlets - serving mainly Thai type dishes - and minor seafoods. There are also a few bars along the road, but we are not talking of Pattaya bar areas here.

Dongtan Beach in Jomtien PattayaThey are not intrusive - and in any event set back the other side of the roadway. The beach umbrella pads have comfortable chairs for the most part.

Halfway along the Dongtan Beach, there is a good toilet - at 10 baht, or over the road there is toilet-shower at 20 baht! Many of the umbrella pads - serving food and drink - have free wifi on tap.

Again this reflects the general tone of this entire beach area.

The sea is reasonably clear along this Dongtan Beach - not having churned-up sand from the speedboats and jet skis. Moving away from Jomtien and towards Pattaya, the beach gets even cleaner and quieter. At the 'end of the beach, there is an attractive little rock out crop - which is a favourite 'studio' for wedding an fashion photographers.

Beyond this, there is a pleasant bay area where the water is even clearer and the beach more clean. You are now at the ponit where the large condominiums of the Pratumnak area are in evidence - and near to the bottom of Soi 6 Pratumnak.

If you are able to go past this area, you would end up on the Cosy Beach - or Island View beach as is sometimes called.
The large swimming-only area - a blessing for families - prevents speedboats landing on the beach - or many of the boat-based activities such as banana-boating. You will have to move further back to Jomtien Beach for that.

All of Dongtan beach has overhead lighting for much of the night, extending the time you can spend there. The food outlets oblige and are open until late. Food ranges from Thai snacks through Pizzas and to Lobster meals.

Seafood is of course available at many places, as well as from the beach walk vendors.

Getting to Pattaya Dongtan Beach

Most of the soi leading down from Pratumnak area, will eventually end up at Dongtan Beach - or near enough to walk to it.

By far the most convenient way, is to head down to Jomtien Beach from Thepprasit or from South Pattaya, and where the beach road starts - with the sharp left turn along Jomtien Beach, turn to your right (behind the 7-11 on the corner) - but carefully, and either park in the provided car park - or along Jomtien Beach and walk back.