Pattaya City Skyline: Pratumnak Hill

Viewpoint area of the famous Pattaya bay area from the viewpoint at the top of Khao Pratumnak - Pratumnak Hill.

One of the best views of Pattaya Bay and Beach Area, is from the hilltop viewing point at Pratumnak Hill. Khao Pratumnak.

Dawn and sunset are two good times for clear view and photographs that are just that little bit different to normal holiday snapshots.

Until recently, there were good view of some of the islands, but towering condominium block are now starting to spoil the views.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty to see from Hilltop Viewing Pont in Pattaya.

There are basic facilities at Viewpoint including a few food snack shops and a nice sitting area overlooking the bay with a cup of coffee. The whole area up at Pattaya Skyline viewpoint can get very hot in the sun of mid day.

Car parking is usually available, but you might have to shunt about getting in and back out. Motor cycle parking is easier.

Great photo opportunities in several areas, but you might have to jostle along with the many tour parties. Never mind, there are plenty of place to get good view and photos.

Places nearby include Pattaya Big Buddha Hill.

Pattaya City Skyline: Pratumnak Hill Pattaya City Skyline from Pattaya Hill Pattaya City Skyline: Khao Pratumnak Hill