Pattaya Park Beach Resort

Pattaya Park Beach Resort and Tower

Pattaya Park - as well as having the famous landmark tower - has a superb play and adventure water park area which is open to the public.

One of the main attractions of Pattaya Park Resort, is the magnificent tower-top restaurant.

The view from up there is amazing - and being a rotating restaurant, you get to see all of Jomtien, Pattaya and the offshore islands at some point.

Pattaya Park Resort is open to the public daily and is to be one of the 'must do' things on the holiday agenda. You don't 'have to' jump off the top of the tower of course.

You can glide down in the cable car. But don't worry. If you decide to do the jump, you are safely secured to a few 'thin' cables!
Oh by the way. You 'jump' from the 55th floor. Quite high!

Pattaya Park Beach Resort and TowerBuffet-style restaurant is well laid out with plenty of food and a good range to suit most diners.

Basically you can eat as much as you like. Just don't forget that you may be abseiling to the bottom, after eating rather a lot.

There is always the high speed lift back to ground level if you feel a bit apprehensive about the exciting abseiling.

If you are quick, you can get to the bottom and pop round to the landing area and see your friends come down instead.

Your excuse being that you wanted to get good photos of them sliding down from the top.

The Famous Tower at Pattaya Park Resort. The more sedate form of transport to the bottom can be seen in the picture - the cable car.

The other way is 'launching' out of the safety cage with just you, a few cables, gravity, and of course a safety harness to get you to the bottom.

Pattaya Park Skytrain Ride

If you have the stomach for it, the chair swing is quite interesting! A good overall view of Pattaya Park Resort and Spa.

Some fine views of Pattaya and Jomtien as the tower-top restaurant revolves through 360 degrees.

Pattaya Park Beach Resort and Tower RidePattaya Park Sumptuous Meals On the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floor- Revolving restaurants - Taste the international buffet lunch and dinner with seafood.

Lunch International Buffet 11:00am. – 3:00pm. Fee: Adult (Thai) 350 Baht (Foreigner) 550 Baht Children(Thai) 210 Baht (Foreigner) 350 Baht.

If foreigners go with Thai people then the price automatically changes to 'family rate' (Thai price)*

Dinner Seafood Buffet 5:00pm. – 10:00pm. Fees: Adult (Thai) 400 Baht - (Foreigner) 600 Baht Children(Thai) 240 Baht (Foreigner) 400 Baht.

If foreigners go with Thai people then the price will automatically changes to ‘Family rate’ (Thai price)*

The Water Park: open 9:00am. – 6:00pm. Funny Land: open 10:00am. – 7:00pm.