Mimosa City of Love

Mimosa of Love Pattaya

Mimosa city of love and shopping experience in Pattaya brings a new approach to shopping and pleasure. Shopping in superb surroundings and environment.

Mimosa shopping experience in Pattaya brings a new approach to shopping and pleasure.

Shopping in superb surroundings and environment, and a cabaret show thrown in during the evenings.

Also known as The City of Love, this shopping area on Sukhumvit Road is a breakthrough in family entertainment and pleasure in Pattaya.

The Mimosa is sure to become one of the main visitor attractions - especially being near (opposite) Ambassador City hotel complex.

Being on the main Sukhumvit road will help, for it is between the very busy Pattaya Floating Market and the world famous Nong Nooch Garden.

The shopping experience is laid out with a huge range of shop buildings - all attractively painted in bright pastel colours and surround in a main fountain come cabaret stage area.

Mimosa of Love PattayaThe shops are tourist-size, and have a wide range of tourist and gift items for sale.

The items on sale tend to veer away from the normal mass-produced giftware, and are aimed firmly at those visiting tourist from China, Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia, as well as the European continent.

There is a full range of small restaurants and coffee shops, and as the project gets more popular - as it is sure to do - then we anticipate an even wider range of facilities.

There is a modest entrance fee - presently 50baht - which covers the evening cabaret shows also.

The Mimosa Shopping Village - for that is what it is - is almost fairytale if you let your imagination loose. The shop houses could be be a good film set for a Disney fairy film.

Mimosa of Love Visitor Attraction PattayaTo add to the atmosphere, several manequins do walk-about in fancy but splendid costumes.

These vary from day to day, and are normally from the ladyboy fraternity.

There are attractive canals - waterways - which even have a selection of ducks, white and the rarer black swans.

Pathways are easy to travel and the artificial grass paths and roadways in particular are comfortable to walk on - almost like the real thing!

The cabaret and music show runs three times nightly - at 6/30pm; 7/45pm and the last show at 9/00pm.

The shows take place on an open stage, and are part of a musical fountain feature, with a raised walk around the large central fountain.

Getting to Pattaya Mimosa City of Love

Pattaya Mimosa Shopping CentreDriving from central Pattaya along Sukhumvit Road towards Sattahip, it is a few kilometers past the Floating Market.

The landmark to look out for is the Ambassador Hotel on the opposite side of the Sukhumvit Road.

It is a hundred metres past - but on the left - in the direction you are heading. It is sign-posted - but not too clearly at present. The frontage of colourful buildings are the giveaway that something different is there.