Tourist Attractions in Pattaya

A listed review of the wide range of Pattaya tourist attractions and things to do in and around Pattaya City.

orgiven for thinking that Pattaya is all about bars and sex.

It is not because there are also many of the normal tourist places in Pattaya.

Pattaya is trying to shake off it image as a sex haven, and there is more - much more - to Pattaya in the area of visitor attraction than is generally realised.

Millions of people visit Pattaya Tourists Attractions each year and are entranced by the wealth of attractions that this area offers.

Attractions that are suitable for the whole family. That is the way Pattaya is going, and for the general tourist there are many places to take in - normally having to leave many of the attractions until next time.

It takes more than a few days to visit the main tourist places in Pattaya. That's without the ones which are not so 'popular'!
If you come to Pattaya on a package tour, your operator will lay on tours to all the main Pattaya Tourist attractions.

However, if you are here on a go it alone basis, the attractions are generally easy to find, with various forms of transport available to take you to visit them.

Don't expect to be able to see everything that Pattaya has to offer in a 10-14 day stay. Come back and finish the job properly. But when you do come back, you will find even more attractions available as Pattaya reaches out to be the holiday venue of coastal Thailand.

Pattaya Tourist Attractions: Places to Go & Things to Do

The Mimosa Center

Pattaya Mimosa City of Love. The newest and most exciting attraction to happen in Pattaya for some time. Mimosa Pattaya is a shopping center with a big difference.

A good few hours leisurely time spent browsing the unique shops - watching the cabaret shows - or just doing a few photo shoots. For sure Pattaya Mimosa City of Love is set to become one of the main tourist attractions outside the city area.

Baan Sukhawadee Mansion

Sumptuous, ostentatious, amazing and very picturesque. this amazing attraction just has to be visited. Get your camera at the ready for the Pattaya Baan Sukhawadee Mansion tourist attraction extrodinaire!

Silver Lake Vineyard

There have been several new developments to this area if attraction just outside the city. Pattaya Silverlake Vinyard was already a major tourist attraction place to visit.

Mini Siam Visitor Attraction

You can see many of the major Thailand attractions from Pattaya Mini Siam visitor attraction. And, there is a Macdonald's adjacent!

Pattaya Park Resort

Open for visitors and residents to use the extensive Pattaya Park Beach Resort and Tower and popular water theme park.

Wat Mondop: The Wat on the Hill

It is a long way up 200 steps - but well worth the effort. Pattaya Wat Mondop Temple on the Hill is an attraction near the city with a difference. A good story to relate to friends. Nit exactly a tourist attraction - which adds to its mystique. The steep steps will put many off.

Sanctuary of Truth

A unique building in Thailand - and it's here in Pattaya. The Sanctuary of Truth structure is made completely of hardwood, beautifully hand carved and not a nail or screw used! It is one of the main Pattaya attractions. Takes a little bit of finding, but well worth the effort.

The Million Years Stone Park

It is part of the crocodile farm - but very different. The Pattaya Million Years Stone Park deserves a page of its own. Stunning assortment of petrified - rocks.

It is the type of tourist attraction where camera will be at the ready - so many cameos to take, and overall the garden is superbly laid out.

Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Show

It is a thrilling attraction in Pattaya, and a place to visit which is a bit different. There are several Crocodile shows in Thailand, Pattaya has one of the best. The Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Show is great fun as well as being educational.

The Laser Buddha: Khao Chi Chan

The Buddha mountain is a major attraction for visitors in Pattaya. The Laser Buddha in Pattaya is also home to some fine landscape garden work. It is conveniently positioned next to Silverlake, so a double is quite possible here.

The Three Kingdoms Theme Park

Seek this attraction out. It will be well worth it. It has the added advantage that not many people are aware of it. Definitely an attraction to visit with camera at the ready. The Three Kingdoms Theme Park is one of the best kept secrets in Pattaya.

One of the most stunning places in terms of architectural design with a Chinese input, and classy materials and construction work throughout.

Pattaya Hill Viewpoint

The best view of the bay has to be the Pattaya Hill Skyline and Viewpoint. Take your camera. Dawn is good - as is sunset. Mid day can be hot, but well worth it with a clear blue sky - or just a trace of cloud.

The Big Buddha

The name says it all. This imposing Pattaya Big Buddha image is easy to get to and overlooks Pattaya and Jomtien. A major attraction and place to visit. Please remember that it is a sacred place and dress accordingly. Shorts are fine as long as they are not skimpy.

Nong Nooch Garden

One of the finest in the world has to be Pattaya Nong Nooch Gardens. You do not have to be a gardener to enjoy your visit to Nong Nooch. Things to do, and of course things to admire. Allow at least half a day for this attraction.

Pattaya Floating Market

You don't have to do any floating at Pattaya Floating Market - unless you want a boat ride. You can walk -above the water - right around this attraction.

Walking Street

This famous sex street is now getting a bit touristy as the sex trade diminishes. Pattaya Walking Street is worth an amble in the day as well as the night. Probably one of the most famous attractions in Pattaya.

Koh Larn Island

The nearby Koh Larn Coral Island is the most popular island getaway. Beautiful coral beaches and clear water for snorkel or Scuba. Check out the information on Koh Samet Island in Rayong Province.

Fireworks Festival

Pattaya plays host to the annual International Fireworks Exhibition where competitors arrive from all over the world to participate.