Baan Sukhawadee Mansion

Baan Sukhawadee Mansion Pattaya

Sukhawadee Mansion: This large house and gardens is an amazing spectacle of refinery and ornamentation. The colour scheme is blue and pink.

Coming into Pattaya from Bangkok, you will see the Sukhawadee mansion on the right hand side. It is difficult to miss!

As you can see from the picture, Baan Sukhawadee on the Sukhumvit Road, is meant to be noticed.

If you want subtlety, then Baan Sukhawadee is not for you. If you relish the opulence and ornate features that are part of the Thai way for such buildings, then you will not find better.

Sukhawadee mansion and gardens are a photographer's dream. The mansion interior and exterior have wanted for nothing.

It is one of many places in Thailand that have been built out of the generosity of a Thai businessman - the Owner of Saha Chicken Farms -wanting to leave a legacy to the Kingdom.

And a Legacy such as Baan Sukhawadee Mansion, you will not find anywhere else in Thailand. If you are on sightseeing tour in Pattaya, make sure that this place is on your list of places to see. Sukhawadee Mansion is one of those 'to do places in Pattaya'.

At first, the colours of the building might seem a bit garish to westerners, but they soon warm to you when you see the clever use of pastel colours in the planting schemes of the sumptuous grounds. Sometimes pastel harmony is forsaken for a more contrasting theme. It all works at Baan Sukhawadee in Pattaya.

Baan Sukhawadee Mansion PattayaThe ongoing design and layout are a credit to Thai artistry. To use a cliché, you will either love it or hate it, but one thing you will not do, is to ignore it.

Inside the house/mansion, nothing is spared by way of quality in the decor. Cameras at the ready, but please respect the few areas where you are requested NOT to take photographs.

An interesting feature is the inclusion of Chinese figure - bringer of good fortune. This is situated on the roof top of one of the buildings at Sukhawadee Mansion.

There are several meeting/conference rooms, cafes and restaurants available, and this must be the ultimate choice for such use in the East coast - Thailand.

How to get to Sukhawadee Mansion

It's based on Sukhumvit Road. If you travel from Bangkok using Highway No.3 straight to Pattaya, you will see it on your right hand side - just 3 kilometres before North Pattaya.

From Pattaya - head north towards Bangkok and you will see it on the left hand side just after leaving Pattaya. Easy to see with the large blue and pink building!