Weather in Thailand

Weather in Thailand: 3 Hot Seasons

Thailand is a long country running from north to south. It covers several different weather and climate regions. This is a guide to weather forecasts for Thai provinces.

The weather changes quite suddenly in many parts of Thailand.

These forecasts - although professionally sourced - should be taken as a general guide only.

The four main travel destinations for Thailand are conveniently situated - North (Chiang Mai); Central (Bangkok); East (Pattaya); South (Phuket).

Those are the areas we will cover for weather forecasts and history in detail.

There are basically three different weather patterns and seasons in Thailand. They can be broadly categorised as:

Hot Season in Thailand

March, April and May are generally considered to be the months of the Hot Season - though towards the end of February it can warm up considerably on odd days. We are talking here of HOT season, not just pleasantly warm.

January through to March often sees the longest hours of sunshine - but not the hottest! These are reserved for the following three months.

The tropical sun is at its fiercest and the day temperatures very hot - 30deg is about the norm, with frequent forays into 35deg. It will possibly feel a little cooler in the breezes at coastal destinations, but that will not be any excuse for stupid sunbathing, or walking about semi-naked.

A wide brimmed hat - even fashionable (sometimes) - will be essential and loads of good sun cream. Better still, avoid the hottest parts of the day, which will start at 11.00am and carry on through until 4.00pm. Humidity is at its highest during this time. City life will be uncomfortable - even for Thais.

This is not the season for tourism, and many resident ex-pats 'go home' to cooler climates at the start of this season.

Rainy Season in Thailand

What is it like during the rainy season in Thailand? Inconvenient, yes; but welcome.

Most people who live in Thailand get wet -maybe soaked - at some point during the rainy season. But, no matter, for we dry out quite quickly in the sunshine that invariably follows the rain. (There are regional differences!).

Cool Season in Thailand

The Cool Season is warm - sometimes very warm. Just not quite as hot as the other seasons! December, January and the early part of February sometime, are classed as the cool season. For Thais, this can mean cold.

We are still talking of daytime temperatures in Bangkok of around 24-25deg. You will see Thais scurrying round with coats on in this season.

In Northern parts of Thailand, there will be severe hardship for many as temperatures generally lower.

Pattaya is generally very pleasant, because whilst relatively hot, there are normally sea breezes to keep things bearable. The South of Thailand will be warmer - though again blessed with welcome breezes.