Koh Kut Island

Koh Kut Island Trat Province

The island retreat of Koh Kut is the ideal place for those seeking a little bit of solitude, and a few more open spaces. It is relatively unspoilt.

A get-away-from-it-all type of island, Ko Kut will be high on the list of places to go in Eastern Thailand for Nature Lovers and those who wish to take it easy.

It is not the easiest of places to get to from the mainland, and most will probably travel there from the more famed Ko Chang to the north.

Trat Town to (Laem Sok) Pier - Coral Beach Pier for Ko Kood is about 15-20 kilometres from Trat Town.

Air-con buses are available from Bangkok Ekamai Eastern Bus Terminal to Trat.

Either take the fist bus in order to get a boat for 12.00 noon, or consider the last bus for an overnight drive and snooze, to get you there for an early boat to Koh Kood.

As with most places in this part of Thailand, September to April is probably the best time to go - especially if you are going walkabout - for it is much cooler at this time.

One of the favourite places to go on Ko Kut, is Nam Tok Khlong Chao waterfall. A sought after inland freshwater swimming place, the bottom pool - it has three 'falls' is always full of water, and gently flowing.

There are several other falls on Ko Kut, but none as consistently 'wet' as Khlong Chao. The hilly - rather than mountainous - terrain on the island is host to many small steams and rivulets - tumbling down through the rocky hills.

The inland plain areas of the island are dotted with coconut palm and rubber tree plantations, giving it the general appearance of being a natural woodland. Not quite so, but nonetheless seemingly wild and pleasing countryside is accessible from various tracks. The low hills are clad with various vegetations and again are quite accessible - with bike or foot.

The most convenient way to and from Ko Kut, is by pre-booking a resort. This will ensure that you get whatever transport - land and sea - that is required to and from your journey to Ko Kut.

Where: Ko Kut is off the southern coast of the well known Ko Chang and part of Trat Province. It can be reached by boat trip from Ko Chang, or from the mainland in Trat at Tha Dan Kao. This set off point is around 5 or so kilometres to the east of Trat.

Speedboat travels normally on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and of course Saturday - leaving at around 9.00 am and the trip takes 2 hours. Conversely, it leaves Ko Kut on the following days at 09.30am.

What: Ko Kut is a sparsely populated island at the furthers eastern point of Thailand. There are not too many self-catering abodes or restaurants on the island, but several resorts. Pre booking is a very good idea.

Beaches to the west of the island are the best, with clear sea-water for snorkeling or further out - diving. Inland, there are several stream-based beauty spots, and a few waterfalls.

The main connecting road between north and south, starts as a good-ish surface, later to become a track. Motorcycles are the best bet here. Kayaking aplenty, on sea and inland. Plenty of hiking opportunities on Koh Kut through the largely unspoilt - but oft-cultivated flat land and then to the hills.

When: November to end of February are good times to visit - being cooler. But, even through until the end of May, when it is slightly hotter, it is well bearable. The monsoon season june - September/October is also a good time, for the rains do not happen every day, and rarely all day long.

Why: Ko Kut is one of the last populated island in Thailand that is relatively unspoilt by development - yet! It is a great getaway place if you want a quiet break. It is not for the ravers.

Who: Family-type holidays are the norm here, either at a resort or wherever you can find! Outside the main fishing village(s). The population is generally farm-based, with coconut and rubber production.

The sea areas are supported by fishing, and of course the steady growth in tourism. This growth in tourism, is not seemingly being matched by growth in the infrastructure or accommodation. The latter will probably change with the law of supply and demand.

Other: There are no banks, Atm's or convenience stores on Ko Kut. Take what cash you will need. Most of the food is based upon seafood or Muslim-type cuisine.