Trat Province: East Coast of Thailand

Trat is an exotic province situated at the most south eastern part of Thailand. It is the boarding place for the tourist island of Koh Chang.

Furthest East of all provinces, lies Trat.

Approximately 300km from Bangkok, Trat is an important area for tourism, and is also strategically placed - bordering Cambodia. The border with Cambodia is the longest section of border, with the coastal border being the next in line.

Bordered by the Khao Banthat mountain range to the East, and with the Gulf of Thailand sea gently caressing its shoreline, Trat is a spectacular area in which to holiday, or simply pass away a few idle - or not so idle days.

The Islands off Trat coastline - headed of course by the splendid Ko Chang Island retreat - are a draw for Thais and foreigners alike.

Ko Kut is also an island that once visited will call for more time there.

Add to that, the fine white sanded beaches of the natural coastline, and offshore coral reefs, which are still largely unspoilt, and you will see that it is an area for water sports of all kinds.

The City of Trat itself, is the main boarding point for all manner of crafts to Ko Chang, but away from the water's edge, there are many natural pursuits, and it is a nature-lovers paradise.

Trat province is blessed with warm weather throughout the year, and gentle north-eastern and south-western breezes (winds) are normally comforting.

However, they can be a problem to sea transport in the monsoon season - May-October. This is generally a wet, stormy, season so normally avoided by foreign tourists.

This makes it the more pleasing for a quiet time - as long as you are prepared for any 'shower' that comes your way. Most of the islands are still available to visit during this time - especially those to the north-east of Ko Chang.

Shoppers are well catered for in Trat, as it is reputed to have more markets than any other Thai town! The Cambodians use the coastal run for commerce, so a wealth of goods are available.

As with its neighbouring Chanthaburi Province, Trat is also an important area for gemstones. Rubies are mined locally, and these and many other gems are available at the Gem Market in Bo Rai District - not too far from the Cambodian border.

Main districts are Khao Saming | Bo Rai | Laem Ngop and Khlong Yai. Koh Chang and Koh Kut Island are two sub-districts.