Hat Lan Sai

Hat Lan Sai Beach Trat East Coast Thailand

If you really want a quiet beach in Trat then look no further than Hat Lan Sai. White sand, clean and clear sea - but a little untidy! Worth a visit.

If you really want a quiet beach in Trat Province, then you need look no further than Hat Lan Sai.

The beach was totally deserted on our visit, but to be fair, it was mid-week.

No matter – weekends are the same or so we were led to believe.

We had the advantage of clear blue sky, so add a beach and clear water to that and it makes for some nice photos.

Lan Sai Beach is pure white sand, and clear water that makes for a swim, paddle or some snorkeling.

It’s highly unlikely that you will be subjected to the noise and nuisance of a banana boat (A what?) or much else on this delightfully secluded oasis.

There is no beach road – or any need for one. Simply a car parking area, from which you can walk the entire beach in a few minutes.

Hat Lan Sai Beach in Trat ProvinceThere is small shop in a largish building at the car park – selling virtually nothing other than Papaya salad type food and bottles of water.

This beach is quite pretty with plenty of shade from the Casuarina Trees, and some grass areas at top end of beach. A rather nice sand bar near the entrance turns the beach into a lagoon or at least a bay.

There is makeshift attempt at preventing tidal erosion of the beach, with old concrete pipes embedded in the sand. This is highly commendable and non intrusive DIY environmental work.

A narrow concrete path leads to the right from the car park, from which you enter a stretch of Mangrove Forest. About a hundred meters – just as you are getting interested – the path comes to an abrupt halt, where the concrete has decayed – preventing further incursion.

Lan Sai Resort – of course – is situated near to or almost on the beach, with some attractive-looking units set near to the beach. This is peace and tranquility!

The beach is generally neglected – on account of no-one going there, but it was not subject to the tidal rubbish suffered by so many East Thailand beaches. Though there are several ‘tide marks’ along the beach, but with nothing more than some twiggy deposits.

Hat Lan Sai Beach and Mangrove PathwayA good new stretch of road leads down from Sukhumvit – abruptly stopping short of the beach.

It can only be good news for the resort, and maybe a little bit more in the way of visitors for the beach. An entrepreneurs’ dream project.

How to get to Hat Lan Sai

Hat Lan Sai is the first beach just as you enter that narrow strip of land which says 'goodbye' to Thailand and 'hello' to Cambodia!

Follow Highway 3 out of Trat – or simply towards the border – about 30km, turn right onto 3025, follow for 4km, then turn right onto route 3292. This will take you down to the beach and beach resort.