Laem Mae Phim

Laem Mae Phim Beach Rayong Province

Laem Mae Phim (Mae Phim Cape) is a beautiful and peaceful place in Rayong province - East Thailand. There are many activities.

Laem Mae Phim (Mae Phim Cape) is a beautiful and peaceful beach in Rayong province - East Thailand.

The most interesting rout to get to it, is to take the coastal road east from the Koh Samet sailing point - Ban Phe.

Along this road to your right is the sea, with a huge range of superb hotels and resorts - all fronting on to the Laem Mae Beach, and generally having the advantage of 'private' access to that particular section of the beach.

The main 'public' part of the beach is several km long further east.

Hat Laem Mae Phim is not the beach where you will go if you want dawn to dusk excitement, but if you want a peaceful time, on a relatively clean beach, then look no further in this area.

At weekends and holidays - as with most beaches near the populated areas - it gets busy. But Mae Phim is big enough to cater for the crowds. But mid week you can almost have this long beach to yourself - almost.

Laem (Cape) Mae Phim, is a beach for the local people, but that does not preclude 'outside' visitors. It is blessed in that it is not on the package tour radar - as of yet.

There are many activities to do on this beach and the sunsets are an added reason to stay a little longer.

Activities include, cycling on the beach, swimming, kayaking and visiting oyster farms. At peak times the beach is home to assorted power boats, but nowhere near the extent of that suffered at Pattaya Beach.

Laem Mae Phim Beach Rayong ProvinceAt Laem Mae Phim Beach

On the drive along the coast road, when you get to the 'open' section of the beach, the first reaction can well be that of non-enchantment.

From the road, you will see dense plantings shade trees - Casuarina and broad leaf trees run the whole length of the beach.

Together with that, the western end - nearest to Rayong - is the quietest, with little more than sand, a few deck chair haunts and the customary Thai beach restaurants or the travelling vendors.

If you have camera - and smile - ready, you will probably get some good candid shot of the fishing people working. Don't forget that they have a job to do, so keep out of the way - unless invited.

The sand is near white, and kept quite clean. The sea is variable, but most seem happy to swim and frolic in it. It is clear enough on a good day to try a bit of snorkeling - but nothing much to see here.

Moving further down the beach toward the east, things start to liven up and get closer, until you get to the end of the beach where the frontage is taken over with restaurants - most selling the local seafood, and of course Thai traditional food.

All seemingly good value prices. At Laem Mae Phim there are many places where you can eat or stay - or do both. A perfect spot for relaxation.

The sea is quite shallow, with a gently sloping beach for the most part.

Laem Mae Phim Beach Accessories Truck VendorOn this section of the beach there are many budget and basic resorts and places to stay. All of these are situated just across the beach road.

The whole area - and in particular all of the access roads - have plenty of places to stay.

Some more up-market places in the two main Sois that come down from Sukhumvit Road.

The furthest end of the beach is home to a few fishing boats, which sail out from the beach early morning - but dependent upon tide.

There is also a small island named Ko Khi Pla by north of the cape where you can do snorkeling. You will be able to see colourful small fish at close range.

How to get to Laem Mae Phim Beach

Maem Mae Phim is situated 48 km. east of Rayong town using Sukhumvit Rd. (Route 3) There are a few different ways to go to the cape. You can take a right turn at one of the three road markers (km.259.5, 263 or 268). It is on the coastal road No 3145.