East Coast Provinces

Thailand East Coast: Eastern Seaboard Provinces

Everything that is Thailand Tourism, Holidays, can be found here in the Eastern corner of Thailand, mostly blessed by the sheltered Gulf of Thailand coastline.

The east of Thailand is an important area of the country.

Whilst it might not have the glamour and glitz of other main areas - Pattaya apart - East Thailand is a vital part of the country with its long coastline which is home to several busy commercial ports, as well as being base for the Royal Thai Navy.

The coastline is important gateway to the rest of the world for the industrial estates in the area, as well as being playgrounds for Thai and Tourists who live or visit the area.

Its nearness and accessibility to Bangkok has helped the area develop in commercial and leisure terms. Weekends in particular sees a huge movement of Thais to the nearby beaches from Bangkok. Bangsaen beach in Chonburi province - and of course Pattaya - are important areas for Thai relaxation.

White Sands of Hat Sai Kaew East Coast Province in Thailand Pattaya Beach Promenade on the Eastern Seaboard Coast of ThailandThere are many other beaches as you would expect along this important area of coastline.

Tourism is well catered for in the Pattaya area, together with which there are many areas of interest.

The beaches are not as white and blue as those to the south, but most are suitable for swimming and the wealth of water sports in the area make it a sought after tourism and holiday base.

On dry land the east of Thailand is home to several world class golf courses.

Off the coast, there is easy access to some important and well frequented Islands. Ko Chang and Ko Samet are deservedly popular and the Coral Island off Pattaya – Koh Larn – has some fine beaches and scuba diving facilities.

Welcome to the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. The Provinces of Eastern Seaboard of Thailand in order from Bangkok through to Trat which is the last province before reaching Cambodia.

Chonburi Province (Cholburi - Chon Buri)

The Chonburi Province coastline stretches North to South from Bangkok to Rayong. It is a well-industrialized area, but also has its fair share of scenic beauty. The City of Pattaya is within the province, but has its own administration for local matters.

Rayong Province

Rayong Province is home to the might Map ta Put Industrial Estate - the largest in South East Asia, and not without controversy or controls that have been imposed.

There are several beaches in Rayong and the sea fishing industry is thriving, with deep water trawlers and offshore fishing in most areas of the coast. Rayong has areas as diverse as the natural parks, many historical buildings, and access to and from one of the most popular islands - Ko Samet.

Chanthaburi Province

Some call it Moon City if you want to be romantic, but Chanthaburi Province is renowned for its fruit production and locally mined gems in equal measure. It has a good coastline with some good beaches and scenic parks and a thriving Gem market.

There is an 'resident' Vietnamese population, and the area is bristling with historical events and monuments/edifices to commemorate. Laid back area, which can be full of surprises once off the slightly-beaten track.

Amongst these would be the famed National Park of Namtok Phlio which house one of the best waterfalls on the East Coast.

Trat Province

This is the last stop before entering Cambodia, and some would unkindly say that it is the 'escape route' from Thailand! Not so. The Trat Province is quiet, beautiful beaches, countryside, and interest. That is the real Trat.

Pattaya City

This area has its own section within this site - and deservedly so, for the Pattaya Holiday Resort is one of the world's premier tourist locations - for whatever reason.