Hat Nang Ram

Hat Nang Ram Beach Sattahip Chonburi

Hat Nang Ram Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Eastern Thailand. For a peaceful getaway for a day you need look no further.

It is the beach that the phrase 'white sands and clear blue sea' was written for. We like Hat Nang Ram.

The beach area is controlled, and cared for, by the Thai Royal Navy, and this is probably the reason that it is far cleaner and tidier than the other beaches along the east coast.

Other than the few Royal Naval personnel that look after the area generally there is not intrusive presence.

You are free to do as you wish – within the confines of decent behavior.

This is essentially a beach for soaking up the sun, swimming in the beautifully clear water, and taking part in the restricted water sports provided.

Canoe yourself over to the small but do not set foot. Simply go to Hat Nang Ram to relax and enjoy the general ambience.

There is a good restaurant serving a wide range of foods – Thai and some western dishes. It is reasonably priced and there are several areas where you can sit under a thatched picnic table.

For snacks and Thai food, there are a number of Thai food eateries, together with beach wear and beach accessories – set back well from the beach – adjacent to the car park.

The beach is in two parts. The first – most popular beach - is about 300 meters long with plenty of sand and relatively shallow waters. It is often possible to walk out into the sea for a hundred meters or so.

This first beach is serviced by the large car park which holds tour buses.

At the end of the main beach there is a small rock outcrop that is home to the famous Thai poetry statues – of which we need to find out the full story.

Hat Nang Ram Beach Sattahip ChonburiBeyond this beach – and accessible by the road that runs at the rear of the beach, there is a second beach – even more quiet and secluded than the first beach.

It is possible to drive your car or motorbike to the second beach on mid week days only.

But at weekends it is just a short stroll – maybe 100 meters beyond the main beach.

This beach is home to a small coffee shop, and is totally devoid of beach sports other than swimming and the like. Jet skis – at the time of writing – are most certainly a no no. As with the first beach, there is plenty of shade offered by the rows of Casuarina trees.

Where is Hat Nang Ram Beach

We are almost reluctant to tell you how to get there, for it really is a beautiful quiet beach. However, it is our mission to bring you the best beaches, so! Firstly, you will have to travel by private or hired transport.

There are no public transport facilities to or from Hat Nang Ram.

Hat Nang Ram is near the Naval Port at Sattahip, beyond the entrance for U Tapao Airport. (Off Route 3).

Hat Nang Ram Navy Beach Sattahip ChonburiFrom Pattaya, the easiest – and most scenic route, is to drive towards Sattahip on the Sukhumvit Road.

Take the left turn towards Silver Lake Vineyard, pass Silverlake, and keep driving along the road over the hills, dips and bends, until you reach the T junction at the bottom of a hill.

Turn Right at this T junction and just keep driving. Do NOT turn at any of the Traffic light intersections (2 or 3). Eventually you will see U Tapao Airport signs.

Keep on the same road, pass the airport and a few kilometers later, after passing several military establishments, you will get to the entrance to Sattahip Port. 100 metres before the entrance there is a sign to the left for Hat Nang Ram (Some of the letters were missing, but it is the left turn prior to the port entrance).

Have 20 baht ready if you are driving a car, and pay at the small kiosk. Motorbikes travel free. A few hundred metres further brings you to the car park on the left side of the road.

When to Visit Hat Nang Ram Beach

Hat Nang Ram is within driving distance from Bangkok, so gets very busy at weekends. For week days – even though it is getting more popular – it is relatively free of people. The exception is if it is on the Bus tours agenda for the day. Even so, there is plenty of room.