Bang Saen

Bang Saen Beach Chonburi Province

Bang Saen beach is a very popular long beach with plenty to do - withing easy reach of bangkok and Chonburi. A relaxing, but active area, away from city life.

Bang Saen Beach is an extremely popular beach with Thai nationals in the main.

One of the Chonburi province beaches that is nearer than most to Bangkok – being a hundred kms and just over an hours’ drive.

Together with that, it is around 12 – 14kms from the principal city of Chonburi, so makes for a regular weekend retreat from the hectic pace of city life. However, its nearness to Bangkok and Chonburi is not the only reason for its popularity.

The beach proper is a long stretch of soft light – but not white – coloured sand.

It is a straight beach making it seem even longer than its actual 5 km. The beach comprises two separate sections - three if you include the extension of road and sea at the northern end.

As you get to the beach from the main central road entrance, you have two choices.

Turn right for the beach proper, or turn left for a 2km section of attractive walkway/roadway that has sand - but on top of the sea wall area. This section is quieter than the main beach.

Bang Saen Beach Chonbubri ProvinceThe beach is kept clean – other than the inevitable flotsam that creeps in with the tide – and the water reasonably clear – even though situated on the edge of one of the most industrialized provinces in Thailand.

The shallow water makes for a lot of use by way of water sports, and canoe or kayak use is one of the main semi-passive activities.

Banana boats rule supreme and are enthusiastically used by the predominant younger beach visitor.

The local university ensures a steady supply of fun-seeking youths.

The sand is easy and slightly firm under foot, so is used extensively for those who simply want to walk their troubles – or excess weight – away.

It is popular throughout the week for its fine selection of Thai food restaurants – which cover all the necessities for eating, and of course seafood is aplenty.

Things to do at Bang Saen Beach

Hat Bang Saen Children's Play Park AreaThere are hundreds of small restaurants stretching the length of the beach - 5km in all.

These are set along the palm fringes walkway, and across the beach road.

An interesting provision - and bearing in mind the long road - is the hire facility for bicycles.

Normal single seater, tandems and several units that I saw that can sit 4 or five riders - each having their own pedals to share the work load.

At the bottom (non-beach) area to the left (north) there is a small had standing public park area with a substantial play unit for the kids, and several keep-fit section for all ages. A hard coat games area is provided - green but painted so.

The long northern section is good for walking, eating and finding a good rock on which to sit to see the world going by. You can also try your hand at a bit of sea fishing here - not too many spectators to get in the way of your long cast.

The entire length of the beach seems to be populated with the normal umbrella restaurants, on the beach and along the adjacent paved walkway.

Bang Saen Beach at Sri RachaThere is a more relaxed atmosphere at Bang Saen Beach than is at the Pattaya beaches, and certainly more sand which can stretch out to the sea for a hundred meters or so.

Bang Saen Beach has plenty of space for running with or without a ball.

The beach is particularly popular at weekends, but with the great swathe of clean sand, rarely feels over crowded.

Nightime at Bangsaen beach is pleasant, with a relaxed but fun atmosphere with locals and students making the most of this relaxing stretch of sand.

There is a substantial planting of coconut palms along the beach – giving shelter, shade and a good tropical feel.

Where to Stay in Bang Saen

There are many hotels and resorts along or near to the beach – reasonably priced, but tending to get booked up at weekends.