Koh Si Chang

Koh Si Chang Island Chonburi Province

Chinese Temple Koh Si Chang Chonburi Province Steps at Chinese Temple Koh Si Chang Chonburi Fishing Boats at Koh Si Chang Chonburi Province

Ko Si Chang is in Chonburi Province. It is a small but bustling tropical island with many attractions and activities. 100 km from Bangkok and near to Pattaya, it is a very popular 'getataway from it' retreat - for Thais and Foreigners

Koh Si Chang is the nearest and most easily accessible island of note to Bangkok - 100kms.

The fact that it is also a just a short drive from Pattaya, helps it in the popularity stakes.

But Ko Si Chang is not popular just because of its ease of access. Koh Si Chang is a beautiful island with much to offer tourists - Foreigners and Thais alike.

Small it may be, but it has many facilities and attraction that make this one of the most popular Islands on the East coast of Thailand.

When setting foot on Ko Si Chang, you are immediately aware that you are in 'Tropical' Thailand - on an island at that. White coral sand beaches, crystal clear seas, lush greenery, hills, the fishing boats, and beautiful Chinese-style temples.

Walkway Ruins at Koh Si Chang IslandIt depicts 'island Thailand' at its most welcoming. Popularity has its price - it is a little crowded at weekends.

But, there are many secluded small coves within easy reach of the ferry stop, and various forms of transport to hand.

There are many activities and things to do on Ko Si Chang - as with most of the Thai Islands.

You will get the most out of the island by exploring in depth. Easy to do, with all the main attractions near the small roads and generally accessed by 'samlor'.

There are interesting day-long samlor tours to all places of interest.

Most of the island is yours for the taking with a relaxing walk - do be aware that it gets HOT from mid-morning till late afternoon in particular.

If you have been in Thailand a while, you will already be aware of this. Walking and heat can soon de-hydrate your body, so take the bottles of water that are part of life in Thailand.