Gems Jewelry

Gems and Jewels Trade Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi gems are sold at the local jewel market that opens on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Many of the gemstones are from local gem mines.

Chantaburi is one of the leading centres for home grown Gems and jewels, with choice jewelry made from Thai-mined jewels and much from one of the local jewel mines.

Chantaburi Gems and Jewels Market

As well as the local shops that specialise in jewellery cut from local mineral mines, there is a vibrant market where the finished product can be bought, by way of gem rings and pendants or just individual jewel stones.

The market is open for a long weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It generally winds down for the day at around 6.00pm.

It is also possible to buy the raw ingredients in a nearby street, where a trader usually has a truck full of 'raw' gemstones, together with a few hundred of the finished gems.

Gems and Jewels Trade at Chanthaburi ProvinceIt is possible to buy raw uncut gemstones of various types for around 5,000 baht per kilo.

The size of the individual lumps range from finger-nail size right through to the size of a coconut.

All you have to do is to break the raw gemstone rock into manageable sized pieces, and then turn them for many days in a special tumbling drum to smooth off the edges.

Alternatively, a skilled jeweller, will cut the stones to show the many alluring facets which basically gives it its value.

  1. The raw materials get mined from a local gemstone mine.
  2. Raw gem stones then go through the tumbling drum process.
  3. Resulting in many beautiful jewelry items on sale at the Chantaburi gems and jewelry market.