Hat Laem Sadet Beach

Hat Laem Sadet Beach Chanthaburi

Golden sands, clear blue sea, plenty of shady trees and food on the beach. Sounds like a good idea? This is what it is.

Attractive roundabout en route to Laem Sadet – possibly one of the most attractive in east Thailand, with a beach scene carved out of rock and stone.

Playful fish and dolphins, with stone carved ‘bubbles’ adding that little extra.

The beach at Laem Sadet is in a sheltered cove, with golden sands and very clear water.

A concreted kerb edging to the beach edge ensures the area safe from coastal erosion. Rows of Casuarina trees provide the shade and offer protection if needed against the elements.

When the tide is in, there is little beach to be had, though there is a fair expanse of grass atop the sea wall. It was difficult to judge the length of the accessible beach, but well in excess of 5 km seemed to be accessible - maybe by road hopping.

There is some damage to the paved footpath, where the sea has taken its toll but on our visit it was reasonably calm.

The beach is a favourite for Thai local anglers, and beach scrubbers looking for shell fish in the soft sand.

Beyond the beach to the west is a coastal National Park area, which has several items of interest together with walkways through the Mangrove Forest.

Hat Laem Sadet Beach Chanthaburi ProvinceEating at Laem Sadet Beach

There are several restaurants along the beach with suitable seating areas under the casuarina trees.

Together with this, there are several budget resorts in the area with one on the beach road.

The beach is a quiet place, simply for sitting, eating, relaxing, and family get together.

It is a matter of bring your own entertainment by way of inflatable toys, and other sea goodies.

Where to stay for Laem Sadet Chanthaburi

Resorts for Laem Sadet Beach in Chanthaburi

Jungle Bay Resort - 3/2 Moo 7 Laem Sadet, Khlong Khut, Tha Mai, Chanthaburi, 22120
Tel. 039-388033

Green Bay Resort - 8/8 M.7 Klong Khud , Thamai , Chanthabiri
Tel. 039-388-099

Getting to Laem Sadet Beach

From Sukhumvit 3399 Klaeng = 35 km. Stay on 3399 and eventually join up by turning left onto the 4002 which takes you to the beach area.