Island Resorts

Islands in Thailand

The islands of Thailand are famous for their tropical ambience and of course the strips of white sand, palm trees and clear seas.

Many of the most popular beaches in Thailand are situated on the islands that Thailand is famed for.

The popuarity of the islands in Thailand was of course dealt a helping hand with James Bond doing his stuff down on the Andaman coast.

But there are many other superb islands that 007 didn't visit. You could be forgiven for thinking all of the islands are in the Andaman sea. We hope to persuade you different.

Gulf of Thailand

The gulf of Thailand is the longest stretch of coast in Thailand and is not without some spectacular and deservedly popular islands.

The sheltered Gulf of Thailand is part of the China Sea and is home to Thailand's most easterly island is that of Ko Kood - just off the end of Thailand, as it joins up with Cambodia on the narrowest strip of land in Thailand in Trat province.

The furthest island going East off the coast of Trat is Koh Kut Island which is often called Koh Kood.

More famed in that area of the eastern gulf is Koh Chang - second in size to the Andaman's Phuket. Kho Chang can best be described as a circle of beaches, enclosing a mountainous forested interior.

Moving west - towards Pattaya - Koh Samet Island is the next island of size, and being near enough to Bangkok for a weekend getaway, is extremely popular.

It is not just its nearness to Bangkok that forges this popularity, for its white sand beaches and clear blue sea are stunning.

Pattaya lays claim to the offshore island of Koh Larn Coral Island, with gorgeous white sands and clear water.

It is a short boat ride – ferry or speedboat – from Pattaya, and again is liable to being ‘bustling’ at weekends. Its ease of access is also putting it on the itinerary for the package tour visitors – especially those from China.

Busy, busy little Koh Sichang is next along the coast in a westerly direction. Koh Si Chang is nearer still to Bangkok, but also just a short boat trip from the industrious Sri Racha and of course Chonburi. Enough said!

The Upper and Lower Gulf areas complete the picture on Thailand's easterly side, and whilst there are myriads of small islands before reaching down to Surat Thani province, it is the offshore gems of Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngnan, which are the big draw, for their beaches and interiors alike.

Koh Samui has its own airport, making it even more popular – not that it needs airspace for that.

Andaman Coast

The island that immediately spring to mind when talking of the Andaman, is of course Thailand's largest Phuket. Most are surprised at first visit, at its size, and the fact that in many respects, it does not resemble and island. But, island it is - even if it is not referred to as Koh Phuket!