Upper Gulf

Beaches in Upper Gulf of Thailand

The first beaches you arrive at heading south from Bangkok are those in the Upper Gulf of Thailand. A great way to start a journey to the beaches.

You will soon find out that it is not simply the close proximity to the capital that makes this area so popular.

As you would expect, the further south you head, the quieter and more remote will be the beaches. The entire coastline is 'littered' with good resorts and hotels.

It was no accident that Hua Hin became the first royal resort in Thailand, and still holds a reputation for class and cleanliness.

As well as the beaches - miles of them - that adorn this long stretch of coastline - the whole area is of historic importance.

So if you do stray away from sand and sea, there is still plenty to see and do. To the west - turning away from the beach and sea - you will have the protection and shelter of the Tennaserim mountain range of Myanmar.

To the east, you will have the sea of the Gulf of Thailand - a part of the China Sea. You will be sandwiched between the two in this narrow strip of Thailand, but that is not to say that you will feel hemmed in.

If you want to venture out to sea, there are several islands well worth a visit and only a boat ride away. They of course will have their own beaches on which to play.

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