Lower Gulf

Beaches in Lower Gulf of Thailand

Beaches in the Lower Southern Gulf of Thailand face out into the Gulf of Thailand Sea. White sand, clear seas and lush vegetation.

The beaches of the lower Gulf of Thailand area are more - much more - than simply hopping off places to the beautiful islands that lies off the coast.

There are miles and miles of white and silver sand beaches, many of which are relatively deserted.

Inland, we have the lush forests and jutting limestone peaks and crags. On the beaches we have sand as pure as it gets and the sea so clear that it attracts many divers from all over the world.

As well as silver sand beaches, there are many limestone rock outcrops that break up the monotony (did I say that?) of the slivers of sand that form some of the best beaches in Thailand. Welcome to the Lower Western Gulf.

With such beautiful islands offshore as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and the Ang Thing National Marine Life Park, you will find many places to stay – in good hotels along the beach fronts.

All manner of water sports and activities await you, but the area is not as over-subscribed as some of the ‘big name’ beaches in that respect.

The food will be as varied as the different cultures that have their home here. Down the coast is the Deep South, with its change of culture from Buddhism to Islam, for it is only a short time ago that this area was more Malaysian than Thai.

The Lower Western Gulf nonetheless is Thailand by way of laid back life and friendliness. But don’t be surprised to now see ladies in Muslim dress – though not normally with faces covered.

Venture inland away from the beaches, and there is a wide range of wildlife to be seen in the National Parks of Khao Luang.

The whole area is quieter than the other coastal regions of the Kingdom.

It is much easier to wallow in the traditional Thai way of life here, than that over the hill to the Andaman coast. Most of the 'revellers' will be en-route to the gorgeous islands out to sea.

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