Siam Paragon Shopping Mall

Siam Paragon Shopping Mall Bangkok

The top luxury end of shopping in Bangkok and maybe all of Thailand. Sumptuous and lavish luxury at the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall Centre.

If the market scene is for 'snap it up quick' bargains, then the Siam Paragon Shopping Center is everything that is different.

Here, quality is available at the price that quality demands!

Basically, you haven't 'done' Bangkok if you haven't done the Paragon Shopping Centre.

Some things in life are necessary - other things are desirable. The latter, you get from The Paragon Shopping Center.

The most luxurious shopping center in Thailand, The Paragon just oozes class and on an alphabetical scale from 'Z to A' The Paragon Centre is up there at the top with B-A. Top notch for top people - others can browse.

The Siam Paragon Shopping Centre claims to be the largest shopping mall in all of Asia. Some boast - but true!

The Paragon is the top of fashion, where new trends are in evident almost daily, and is the place to be seen for top Bangkokians.

Siam Paragon Shopping Mall BangkokWorld class goods in more than 250 shops, one of the largest diamond selling centres in Asia.

This is the Siam Paragon Shopping Center. Men's, Ladies fashion brands. All sought after by the prosperous Thais, those aspiring to look prosperous, and of course the ex-pats.

Second floor for luxury cars - The Bentley. Ferrari etc.

As well as the shops, there is a huge indoor aquarium, where you can walk - or talk - with Sharks. If you feel a bit active, then there is a bowling alley, cinema, theatre/concert hall, Siam opera House, and of course the food hall.

The largest 'eatery' in Bangkok - you can see your food starting life in it's raw state, through all stages of the preparation and cooking in the 'open kitchen'. Then of course it arrives at your table.

Everything you would expect at Thailand's most exclusive, luxurious shopping center - The Paragon.

Easy to find, it dominates the 'Siam' area. opposite Siam Square and next to Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center. Truly as is proclaims - The Pride of Bangkok.