Platinum Shopping Center

Platinum Shopping Center Bangkok

The Platinum Center in Bangkok has to be one of the main shopping attractions for knock down prices and a huge range of goods.

The Platinum Shopping Mall in Bangkok's Pratunam quarter is the place to go if you want to stock up with goodies of lifestyle - clothes, watches, bags and anything else that can be worn.

The majority of shops deal on a wholesale basis and costs reflect this. Generally possible to be able to buy three items for little more than the cost of one.

Good idea to bring some friends, then you can share the cost of a wardrobe full of latest fashion clothes.

Latest fashion styles, include the popular Korean trends amongst teenagers (and nearly teens!) It is easy to become addicted to this shopping mall, and as of yet, there is no Platinum help groups set up to aid those addicted the Platinum shopping habit.

You will not be disappointed with the wide range of goods on offer, and regardless of size, there will be something there for you.

As a well-built foreign male, I was able - eventually - to find a good assortment of T shirts - good quality - great prices - and they fit! XXXL are also catered for with a few specialised shops devoted to those needing something a little larger than normal Thai sizes.

Platinum Shopping Center BangkokThe normal range of cheap CD's/Dvd's are also available.

The center is fully air-conditioned, and there are many food shops to keep you going round and around, up and up until you drop, or until your cash balance no longer exists.

End of the month is a must for the Thai locals as that is when salaries are paid!

It is a big place and will take many hours to see it all, so maybe a good idea to buy as you see - rather than to return after shopping round for prices.

You won't get cheaper in Thailand at these prices! It may also be difficult to locate that shop where something seemed to be a few baht cheaper.

As an example of price structure, a woman's shirt costing say 390 baht for a single item, but if three of the same - or similar items (pick and mix) then the cost could come down to 280 baht per item. Bring a friend!

You can try to barter - in fact it is desirable to barter, but do not expect too much a price drop at these prices. (If you are in the bartering mood, then go for six items instead of three! maybe bring a few friends!)

Replenish reserves of energy on the fifth floor with plenty to eat and you are ready with renewed vigour to shop till you drop! If you are feeling a little homesick, then you will be able to eat some foods from home.

It is a 'must do' for any visitor to - and resident of - Bangkok! - Happy Shopping.