MBK Shopping Centre

MBK Shopping Centre Bangkok

Whatever you want in Bangkok you will be able to find it at the fabulous MBK Shopping Centre.

It is the ideal place for shopaholics - or just nosy browsers.

It is situated in the main shopping area of Pathumvan, and served by the famous skytrain, or bus, and also by taxi - all of which will be comfortable, air-conditioned forms of transport.

You can also get there by Tuk Tuk - not air conditioned, and not overly comfortable, but maybe exciting!

Nearby - if you have the time and energy (and money) after MBK, you will find Siam, the Siam Centre, Siam Paragon.

MBK started life as Ma Boon Krong Centre. A fire at the original site paved the way for the construction of the new building - this time with adequate fire prevention methods.

It is the shopping place for 'ordinary' people - for Thais and foreigners alike! Prices are good - even better than good if you can barter in some areas. Don't try this in the main shops.

MBK Shopping is the place to make your shopping and money go a little further. Whether for gifts for friends at home, or to clad yourselves in the latest fashions and teenage 'must-haves', or maybe buy that 'genuine' Rolex watch for some small change, or perhaps a bag full of CDs and Videos MBK is the place.

MBK Shopping Centre BangkokAs with many places in Thailand, the best deals are always with cash, and you can expect to pay perhaps a small percentage extra for the use of your bit of plastic.

MBK is the place to buy, swap or sell your mobile phones. In short, if you have or want a mobile, think MBK!

Go direct to the fourth floor and be prepared for a few hours of hustle and bustle.

Wallets firmly in pockets and bags firmly attached please. There are large phone shops, small phone shops and just stalls. Hundreds!

On other floors - and there are seven in all - you will find (starting from ground and working up) print shops, music Cds/Videos, artists and their wares.

Be prepared to be shown CD covers of whatever, and walk on by unless you want to be 'hugged' into a sale.

Up the escalators to fashion clothes, gold and jewellery decorations, household lifestyle items.

Then health shops, selling instant cures for all that is curable, juxtaposed with all manner of beauty products that are guaranteed to make the appearance better at little cost to the budget.

You might also wish to indulge in a spa, have your hair and nails or face done. So then further up the escalators to furnishings various.

The sixth floor has always been the draw for me. It is here that you will find all the handicrafts of the Thai people - bought in from surrounding villages, and sought out by the foreigner wanting wholesale prices.

Further up - as far as you can go, there are cinemas, bowling and all other manner of recreational pursuits including Karaoke. Maybe a relaxing massage might be needed by this time - it it here at MBK!

Ah we have forgotten the food! Every floor has a huge range of food - Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Muslim - it is all here at MBK Shopping Centre.