Shopping Areas in Bangkok Thailand

A list of shopping malls and districts in or near to Bangkok. As you would expect, Bangkok has many and varied shopping areas within easy reach.

Many of the shopping areas and markets in bangkok are still used by Thai people.

But, they are increasingly catering for the tourist visitor, and what a choice there is!

You can mingle with Thais, and maybe pick up a few hints on how to bargain - even if you do not know the Thai language.

Body language will teach you much. And bargain you must, for that is at the heart of shopping in Thailand.

Not for the faint-hearted, but once you realise that bargaining (bartering) is an essential part of Thai shopping, then the experience will be more rewarding - financially and emotionally.

It should soon become apparent if bargaining is not on the agenda - for there will be no smile. Bartering, bargaining, asking for discount, is all part of the excitement for westerners, whilst is is a more serious part of survival for many Thais.

Best Shopping Areas in Bangkok ThailandBe gentle, be satisfied, don't push too far.


Bangkok's largest market, with a huge range of goods to choose from. Whether or not you get a bargain in a million is dependent upon your own level of bartering expertise. Even without bargaining, you will be happy with the prices.

Chatuchak Market is well known for fashion and traditional clothes, used books, local and regional artwork, fighting cocks, and virtually anything to brighten up the home by way of decoration. Oh, and cheap food!

Ratchaprasong in Pathumwan

If you are young enough - or at least feel young enough, then the Ratchaprasong area is the shopping area for you! Teenage fashion everywhere - great fun to be part of, but maybe need a drink later to calm down.

The most popular is the Siam Paragon - a huge shopping mall - probably the largest in South East Asia! Also near to are Siam Square (Center Point), Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Ma Boon Krong Center, Gaysorn, Central World Plaza, Big C and Sogo (Ratchaprasong.

Basically everything for the younger generation - not just the teens! This includes clothing, fashion accessories, home decorations, bags, bags and more bags, top brand names, mobiles, and all the food you want - both international and fast.

Panthip Plaza

The Pantip Computer and IT Centre in Bangkok where you can go shopping for all manner of computer and electronic gear. Together with this there are fantastic bargains to be had with DVD's and CD Roms.

We understand that they all work ok, but they will be priced at just a fraction of the normal cost. Most computer stock will be priced very very competitive, with prices ranging for around 50% of what you would normally expect to pay in Europe.


Yauwarat - Phahurat, Baan Mor, Samphang - Samphan - areas. A wide range of goods here in these areas. Anything from gold to clothing; Electrical goods to flowers! jewelry of course, locally made goods and fabrics, and it claims to be the oldest most traditional shopping centre in Thailand. There is also an evening market.

Pak klong Talad

This old market, selling mainly fruit, vegetables and flowers, is the largest market of it's kind in Thailand. It is not far from the Memorial Bridge on the bank of the river Chao Praya - so easy to find. Famous for hand making flower arrangements, it is very busy in mornings and evenings.

Klong-Thom Market

Sells everything - especially old and second-hand items such as clothes, shoes, CDs' DVD,s. It is open each day of the week and also in the evenings on Saturdays and Sundays.

It has the nickname of the Dark Market! looking at some of the goods, it is easy to see why. Be aware that the market has a reputation to live up - or down - to! Buy second hand electrical goods at with care, and as we say in the west - Let the buyer beware.

Bo Be Market

Bo Bae - in central Bangkok is a great place to go as a spectator (for a tourist). Don't get in the way of the real business of the market - which is wholesale clothing items only (Mostly!) You will need to buy a dozen (12) at least of any item to raise any interest. Far better to allow real wholesale buyers take the stage here and just enjoy! Busy all day long, but extra busy early in the morning. For bulk buyers - providing they get the bartering and price haggling right - there is no cheaper market in Bangkok. The true art of price bargaining is seen here! It is not far from the city's main railway station at Hua Lom Pong, (Krung Kasem Road).

Tawanna IT

It is near Bangkapi Mall Shopping Center. - If it can be plugged in or played - it will be here! Tawanna is a huge open warehouse (indoors) that houses many stalls and counters for all products related to IT, phones, computers, players, CD's DVD's etc etc etc.

There are a few clothing/fashion outlets as well, but it is the electrical and electronics gear which is the main attraction. Prices are good - very good - but you will need to bargain, or better still get a Thai friend to do it for you. Get there by canal boat (klong) or your usual taxi.

Pratunam and Pratunam Market

Cheap prices, great quality, designer labels (!) You must be at Pratunam. Large market where Thais and foreigners mix freely in search of shopping bags full of bargains.

Indeed a large shopping bag is a necessity here because you will not be able to resist the prices! Be prepared for a long time walking round.

As well as the mainstay of clothes stalls, there are also plenty of computer games, electrical bits and pieces, and other things! Those designer labels you were always jealous about are here - see if you can tell the difference between them and the real thing! Your friends won't, so load up and make them all envious.

If it can be worn - or in the case of swimwear - nearly be worn - then it will be here somewhere. You may have to get a few friends to gather round if you want to try something on, but your on holiday - what the heck. Once there, don't bother trying to find your way round - just go. You will find the way out eventually - maybe.

Saphanput (Memorial Bridge)

Sapanput (memorial bridge area) - as this is a night market, don't expect to find any bargains in the day. If it comes to that, don't bother looking for the market in the day.

In the day, it is just a street, but boy, does it come alive after 5.30, and then rocks until 1.00 am.! A real cool place, as the hundreds of Teen Thais will testify to. Clothes. junk, snacks and drinks etc.

They are all here, and they are all cool! Roadside artists are to be seen - and of course their products, together with antiques, and other locally made artworks and other things. Not open on Wednesday, and is on the Bangkok side of the old bridge which connects Bangkok and Thonburi.