Royal Park

Bangkok Royal Park for King Rama IX

The Royal Park in the centre of Bangkok is a superbly landscaped garden. There are 200 acres of trees and shrubs, together with water gardens and features.

The garden was inaugurated for the 60th birthday of the king - in 1987.

It is maturing into fine parkland, water gardens and flower bedding schemes of exotic plants.

There are also many superb trees planted within the grounds.

Peaceful meandering paths lead through the garden - never far from a water feature - and are edged with borders and beds of plants and shrubs which will be the envy of European visitors.

Together with this, there are several plantings of palms and other exotic trees and plant.

The commemoration hall seen below, houses exhibitions of projects and many Royal artefacts are also housed here within the garden setting.

Bangkok Royal Park for King Rama IXA big disappointment for the writer, was the inclusion of an 'English Garden'.

Brick walls maybe, but there the similarity ended.

But in defence, who could now describe a truly 'English' garden.

Giant Water Lily pads floating on the peaceful water with a stunning background of Palm Trees.

A bedding scheme of colourful Crotons on the left - normally for houseplants in the west - and further views of the garden, with a wide range of Palm Trees. Pictures include a superb grouping of Roystonea regia - of Cuban origin.