Dusit Zoo

Bangkok Dusit Zoo

You either like or hate zoos. Dusit Zoo in Bankok dared to be different. Well laid out with pleasant view, the zoo will be a favourite for tourists.

Spend a few hours at Dusit Zoo - Thanon Ratchewithi, halfway between Victory Monument and the Thonburi Bridge over Chao Phraya River.

I don't normally do zoos!

But, I had decided to 'walk' from The Victory Monument to Dusit Palace Garden on a hot day, and the zoo seemed a good place to get a drink - fresh orange.

The walk by the way, is a few kilometres.

My natural aversion to zoos comes from trudging around London Zoo and the Kent zoos on a cold winter's day, pitying the tigers and lion trudging about in the snow.

All in the name of science - oh yeah!

As soon as you walk into Dusit Zoo, you are aware that it is somehow 'different'! For a start, there is space. No sign of being herded along narrow footways surrounded by cages on each side.

The grounds - superbly maintained - are typical of Bangkok's gardens and open spaces. So, at 80 baht - which doesn't even buy a decent cup of coffee back in UK.

Bangkok Dusit ZooI decided to move on from the drinks stall, and see what was to be seen.

It is a joy finding where things are. You do not need to be able to read Thai - or English for that matter.

The animals/birds signs are carved on on to arrowed road signs. Even a kid can find.

Thailand - as with many Easter countries - is not known for it's kindness to animals.

Here at the Dusit Zoo, the only living creature that seemed a bit brassed-off with life, were the pigeons.

Ironic, for they could have flown away at any time they needed.

The other inmates seemed relatively happy with life - and there were no polar bears trying to find a way out of the hot sun.

The enclosures are all attractive - to humans at least, and offered plenty of room and shade to all that needed it.

Drinks and food aplenty on the way round this nicely landscaped 'park' with lakes, boating, flowers, and all the other things that go to make up a few enjoyable in the company of some endearing animals.

For the photographer - a camera with a medium zoom will capture most animals - as can be seen with the eyeballing I got from the chap on the left.