Patpong Bangkok: Thai Girls and Shopping

Patpong in Bangkok is the centre of the sex show trade. Shopping is also high on the agenda, with a busy busy market.

Patpong - off Silom Road, is the night market to shop or eat - or both.

It is also renowned for sex-orientated shows and bars where Farangs are pleased to gather.

If it is fun and food you are after - with perhaps the odd drink or two, then Pat Pong is the in place.

Normally, Pat Pong Market is open from evening until late at night, and is place to buy whatever you can buy in any other Bangkok market - but at slightly higher prices.

Thai people also shop here - but they are better at the bargain! For the Farang, if you need it now, then buy it.

If it can wait, then shop elsewhere.

Patpong Bangkok: Thai Girls and ShoppingBoth sides of Soi have a selection of sex shops and shows to entice the foreigner. Beautiful Thai girls adorn the side-walk, trying to persuade you inside.

This is still the case even if you are already with female company. All are welcome as long as you have money.

Among the 'delights' are Pole Dancing and various other sex shows - Bikini-clad girls are the norm to start - don't touch!

Cost of drink is not always transparent, and you do not normally pay as you go, but get the bill at the end of the evening.

The market area is a hit with Thais and tourists alike and positively heaves along. just go where you are taken by the crowds.

The sex industry is alive and well in Pat Pong, and seems to be a favourite haunt for the ex-pats at night.

By day, it is little more than an open air doss-house as people recuperate from the preceding night's entertainment.