Khao San Road

Khao San Road Bangkok: Nightlife and Fun

Khao San Road is Bangkok for many backpackers and other short term stay visitors the the country. It has all the ingredients for a bowl of great fun.

Khao San Road - Bangkok, and fun are synonymous for foreigner and 'new' Thais alike.

The road was a major Rice marketing area before 'tourism took over and became more lucrative - for some.

Nowadays, it is the haunt of the backpacker/tourist looking for a bit of cheap travel and fun night life.

Not forgetting the modern thinking and fun loving Thais who also flood the area after dark. Khao San (Raw Rice) is going the way of modern Bangkok.

Up or down - you decide! Whilst Khao San is famous for it's nightlife, daytime does not go unnoticed either.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere will be breathed in as soon as you enter Khao San Road, Thai rubbing shoulder with English, who struggles to understand the German having a drink with the American.

Welcome to Khao San Road. After dark, drink and food, night clubs and just friendship are the main activities, with the normal consequences of too much of either, sometimes visible. Most manage to stay upright for much of the night.

There will be the inevitable street trader - of food and bits and pieces. But Khao san is a place to enjoy rather than shop. Other areas in Bangkok do 'shopping' better. That is not to say the place is devoid of things to buy, or things to have done.

Khao San Road, and 'The Beach' (film) are synonymous, added to which, every travel writer writing of Bangkok, has their own story tell. Forget the Beach - other than the location. This is the real Khao San Road - today.

There is another side to Khao San Road. That of cheap tourism, holidays, forward destinations. Backpackers and other tourists alike, who have done a little research - or who have listened to tales from friends - all know about Khao San Road and make it their number one stop on a trip to Thailand.

Khao San Road Bangkok: Nightlife and FunHere is the place for cheap hotels and overnight stays, good food and of course the gathering after dark. The backpackers haven in Thailand.

Khao San Road is a place for meeting like-minded people. It is simply just full of people from all over the world - including Thailand - who simply want to meet up, want to go the next step, or simply be with other people.

This is the place where many Thais come to get cheap travelling/staying deals in other provinces of Thailand.

You can't ask for a better recommendation than that. Mind you, the Thais are better at bartering! You can even sort a Visa application here.

Travel agents and tour organisers are everywhere in Khao San Road, so it is a great place for the backpackers to get cheap travel to other parts of the Eastern World. You will find somewhere to stay - to suit your own pocket - guesthouse, hotel.

Your choice, but expect to have to hunt round unless you pre-book. Yes, it is that popular for the passer-through and stay-a-while alike.

Khao San Road is quite central to Bangkok, and therefore Thailand - being situated in the Rattanakosin Island area. It's ok, you won't need a boat to get here - unless you are on the wrong side of the Chao Phraya River, and even then, a taxi, bus or a Tuk Tuk can get you to Khao San. just head for the centre of Bangkok.

SongKran Festival at Khao San Road

The Thai New Year Festival of Songkran takes it on board big time at Khao San Road - April 13-15. If you are thinking of this, then be aware that around 10,000 others will have the same idea.

Alive and kicking in the day as well - for the more serious side of business.