Tha Prachan

Tha Prachan Amulet Market Bangkok

Bangkok amulet market in Tha Prachan is the place to seek good luck and fortune and buy amulets to ward off evil spirits.

Amulets in Thailand - Phra Khreuang.

There are several area in Thailand where Amulets can be bought, but none more so than the Thaprachan amulet market.

Several of the stalls are set up with the bulk-buyer or tourist in mind, but there are also many vendors who cater for the connoisseur collector.

Such collectors can spend a long time just examining a chosen amulet with jeweller's eyeglass, and cannot normally be duped.

Tha Prachan Market for Amulets is a great place for the tourist, with an aura of mystique. Treat it with respect, for the amulet in Thailand is not just a trinket.

It may seem strange to find monks rummaging. Bear in mind that many of the genuine amulets have 'ancestry' based upon monks and temples.

The world over, people seek out lucky charms - amulets - with which to either safeguard their own destiny, or to bring them just that little bit of good luck and fortune that will make life just that little bit easier - or maybe more bearable. Thailand is no different.

In fact, Amulets are an important part of Thai life - culture even - and there is a huge market devoted to just that. The sale and provision of Amulets.

Tha Prachan Amulet Market in BangkokWhere there is a demand, there will be a supply. If the size of the supply is an indication, then there is a huge demand for Amulets in Thailand - certainly in Bangkok.

The Thaprachan amulet market is open every day of the week with hundreds of thousands of amulets of various backgrounds and powers for sale, to passer-by and expert alike.

Getting the right amulet, from the right source is a serious business for many, as will be seen with the 'experts' - studying the minute detail with watch-maker's eyeglass, trying to authenticate both age and possible origin.

At Tha Prachen Market, the amulets here come in all shapes and sizes, from many parts of Thailand and neighbouring Eastern countries.

Thai people have been wearing amulets since history began, to guard against bad fortune or evil spirits. It is possible to find an amulet to suit the size of any budget.

Some have been blessed by a famous monk, some with a more revered historic past. Most are in the form of a miniature portrait of a monk, monkey, buffalo or elephant, to name but a few.

Other amulets come in the form of phallic symbols leaving not too much to the imagination - size excepted.

Amulets are 'rented' rather than bought, for the powers of such amulets cannot be bought with mere coin. The power vested therein lives on well beyond the life of the current wearer.

Amulet vendors have a friendly - and not so friendly - rivalry, verbally jousting for supremacy in the quest to supply the most important charm or protection. Historic accuracy is paramount in the provision of amulets here at the Amulet Market in Bangkok.

For me, the endearing sight of Ta Prachan Amulet Market, was the monk, with eyeglass, trying to verify the age or whatever of an amulet. The bringer of good luck and fortune.