Phahurat Indian Market Bangkok

Phahurat Indian Market is near to Chinatown in Bangkok. After endless shopping sprees in the Thai markets, this may come as a bit of light relief.

To the west of Chinatown is Phahurat.

Phahurat is an Indian area where - other than Indians living - there are many shops selling Indian goods - mainly silks and other fabrics, together with a wide range of clothing.

If you have seen the Bollywood movies, then this is where you can get those brightly coloured and flamboyant clothes - for either sex.

You will need to get right own into the side alleys to see things and people genuinely Indian.

Much of the area is over to the normal Bangkok open air street market. If you are in any way claustrophobic, then give this one a miss.

In some of the alleyways crammed with goodies, there is hardly room for two people to pass without getting intimate.

However, there are a few breathing spaces from time to time - mainly when you come to a dead end. just turn round and try another gap in the fabrics.

Naturally, there is good Indian food here as well. But for the tourist after a change of the endless Bangkok markets, there is something different hidden behind the small shop fronts. An Indian Market no less.

Phahurat Indian Market is mainly staffed by Indian Sikhs who's involvement with fabrics is legendary. If you have found the many Bangkok Thai markets to be a bit similar, then the Phahurat Indian Market is in a class of it's own - This is Little India in Bangkok.

Bright colours in everything is the hallmark of the traders here, and they are a little bit more lively than some of the Thai market stall holders, who seem happy to sit and wait for trade to come. Not all of course.

Most of the Indian community here within the market will speak to you in English, or if not will soon find someone who can.

Indian Market Wedding Goods

Indian Trader Showing a Customer Merchandise at Little India Market BangkokOne area of the Indian Market in Bangkok in particular, is devoted to selling wedding goods. Seemingly, you can pop in and do everything that is required under one roof.

The clothes, flowers and everything else that make for a successful Indian wedding. It seems that all you have to do is find a willing partner.

Not only are the lucky bride and groom catered for, but also the guests. For, you can arrange suitable presents in house as well. You may have heard much about Thai silks and fabrics, but this collection of stalls and small shops will open your eyes for you.

Lady customers in particular are made welcome "Khunying" being the flattering greeting - somewhat akin to being called 'princess'.

Not only clothing and fabrics to be got here at Phahurat Indian Market in Bangkok. All manner of trinkets ranging from handbags to exotic household items are here for the having. And, at the right price.

You can probably book a good holiday package tour to India somewhere in the market hubbub as well. If not, then Little India should serve as a good second best.

The food to be had is obviously Indian - at it's best. Many small food stalls off the beaten track, down alleyways. just follow your nose! You may even get some inside information on which spices to buy to try and emulate the tasty food.

Bangkok Sikh Temple: Siri Guru Singh Sabha

Sikh Temple near Phahurat Indian Market BangkokThe Thai Sikh community has a major Temple - Siri Guru Singh Sabha close to the heart of the Phahurat area. It is just off Chakraphet. Ask any of the Indian population for more precise directions.

You are welcome to enter the temple, but as with other temples in Thailand, remove your shoes.

The Temple extends upward over 5 or 6 floors and houses the Thai Sikh International School.

The interior of the temple is bright, air conditioned, and welcoming. It also has fine views over Bangkok from the sixth floor.

There is constant activity in the Temple as a main area of Sikh worship. I was privileged to be guided around amidst the various ceremonies.

Please be aware that whilst you will be most welcome to visit and explore. The Temple is not primarily a tourist attraction, but a place of dignified worship.

Getting to Bangkok Indian Market at Pahurat

Buses 7,25,40, 53, 56, 507 Take you to or near enough to the Phahurat area, wherein you will easily find the Phahurat Indian Market.