Markets in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is home to some of the most exciting markets in Thailand. The same is true if you want a local or large provincial market with excitement.

Markets are the lifeblood of Thai communities.

Every province - every village - sometimes it seems, every street has a market - or so.

It is fitting that the country's capital city - Bangkok - not only provides its fair share of markets, but leads the way.

Bangkok may be the centre of commerce, finance, lifestyle and property, but it also has room to provide some of the finest markets and Thailand, as well as the day to day, run of the mill, fresh food and of course 'copy' every-things.

If it has a brand name, there will be a market selling it at knock down prices.

Some of the Bangkok markets are known throughout Asia - nay the world. Chatuchak weekend market, and the Ta Prachan Amulet market being two of them.

Most of the markets are land-based, but there are also several markets within easy reach of Bangkok that rely on water as their means of plying their trade. The most famous of all Bangkok water-based markets is Damnoen Saduak floating market.

As with all buying if something seems to good to be true, then the same goes for market produce, but it would be a shame to miss a genuine bargain by being 'too' careful.

Chatuchak Weekend Market in BangkokChatuchak Weekend Market - bustling as always.

Much is said about the Asian 'habit' of bartering.

Get to know the culture and prices well before you start something that could even turn the buyer away from you. Do everything with a smile - and be repaid a thousand times over.

Most markets are outside - but also under some cover even if though just a mass of umbrella style awnings - more to keep the sun away than the rain! Many markets are indoors, and some even in the shape of huge shopping malls.

It is a way of life for Thai people. If you want to become an 'honorable' Thai, then you have to learn Market Shopping.

For the tourist, it is a great way to pick up bargains for back home, and a wealth of photo opportunities await. Be aware that some stall holders and vendors do NOT want their photos taken. This is particularly so where their produce is unique of home made.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak market in Bangkok is reputed to be one of the world's largest weekend markets.

Whether it is or is not, it is huge, with a complement of around one thousand five hundred - 1500 - separate stall holders selling everything from clothing - very fashionable - to watches and chinaware.

Allow a good half day or more if you want to do Chatuchak Market justice.

Tha Prachan Amulet Market in BangkokTha Prachan Amulet Market

Bangkok Prachan Amulet market sells Thai Amulets - sometimes in bulk - sometimes as well sought out genuine articles.

The Amulet connoisseur will be there, together with the bargain re-sellers.

Minute inspection of potentially valuable artifacts will be carried out with watch eyeglasses and the like.

Phahurat Indian Market

If you want atmosphere, hard bargaining and bargains at the end of it, then Phahurat Indian Market is the place to be.