Events and Festivals

Events and Festivals in Bangkok

Main Festivals and Major events in Bangkok - The city that never sleeps. The capital of Thailand has much to offer in the way of celebrating Thai festivals.

There is never a shortage of things to do in Bangkok. The festivals and major events, simply set the capital on a pedestal.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has much to offer in the way of festivals and major events.

Festivals in Thailand are fun - none more so than in Bangkok.

You can expect to be in company with thousands of others at any Bangkok festival.

It is as though the entire population has been awaiting the event. Actually, they probably have for the Thais love a festival.

As well as fun to enjoy and things to see, there will invariably be all the add-ons that make Thailand life so interesting - sometimes frustrating a little.

Food will almost always be available - normally Thai, but also western styles, and of course plenty of drinks and snacks.

Some of the festivals listed will be Buddhist festivals and normal respects and decorum is the password. Get the lowdown from you local friendly Thai about what to expect.

These festivals and events cover all cultural activities within Thailand and the diversity is what you would expect from Festivals in one of the world's greatest cities.

List of Festivals in Bangkok

This list is by no means exhaustive, and covers national festivals as well as Bangkok ones. The dates are normally on or about the same time each year, and should be taken just as a guide. The obvious exceptions being the Royal Birthdays.

You may be a little confused to see there are several days that claim to be Thai New Year. Mai Pen Rai Khrup - simply go with the flow. The Thai new year coincides with the period of the Songkran Festival - 3 - 5 days depending on things and where you are based.