Education and Schools in Bangkok

Education is an important aspect of Thai life - for both young and old. As a developing nation, the many new technologies are important.

Education is important to all.

In Thailand, as one of the world's modernising nations, the process of learning both for career and self-fulfillment is an essential part of the enhancement of life.

Many Thais bemoan the basic education they received as children, and there is still a long way for the current Thai state education system to go.

There are now many colleges offering part-time courses in virtually all academic subjects - many of which can be adapted to your own particular circumstances in relation to your available time and work commitment.

If you cannot find a part time college opportunity, then there are a growing number of private schools for part time study - and not simply for visa purposes for those staying on Education Visa.

As well as education for furthering your work position, you may wish to take up a new hobby.

Maybe one that will pay dividends and not just as a recreational pursuit. Private teachers abound, and many of the education establishments offer a wide range of hobby-based courses. If you are going to do a hobby, it is well worth doing it right.

We list the major universities, schools and classes for Bangkok area, together with main contact details. If you are going to take up a private course, make sure that you get full information about experience and qualifications of your teacher. Also - ask if you are going to have the same teacher for the duration of the course.

Art Classes and Courses

Very often, a bit of experienced tuition will help you with the basics such as brush strokes or other basic art techniques. This of course does not turn you into an artist, but a short course could well pave the way for greater self expression in your chosen art form.

Computer Courses

Everything from the basics of turning your computer on and setting up the basics, through to the most complex computer operations can be achieved by group or private computer courses. Computers are an essential part of life - both at work and in social life.

International Schools

With the huge ex-pat contingent living in Bangkok, there is a big demand for top-end education as is generally offered by the International status schools. Thais are also demanding this level of education for their children now. Bangkok obliges with a wide range of International Schools.

Language Schools and Teachers

Visa based courses are the norm, but if you want to learn a different language for other purposes, then personal tuition is normally the quickest way forward.

Bangkok Universities

After school has finished, what next? We list the main universities in Bangkok. Another good way to expand your general knowledge is visiting libraries. The new Bangkok City Library opens its doors to Bangkokians and tourists from April 2017.