Food and Eating

Food and Eating in Bangkok

As with all other parts of Thailand, Food and restaurants are an important part of everyday life. Not only for the necessary nourishment that food gives - but for the social aspects of getting together for a chat.

Bangkok is legendary for its range of food and restaurants that provide it.

Top end stand-alone restaurants, hotel restaurants, the multi-nationals and of course the street-bases Thai food restaurants are all here to suit your pocket - and place in society.

Top end eating in Bangkok is not cheap - nor is it in any other capital city - but the trade is there.

Most places of note are well booked in advance, though walk-in places are still around. You either have to have a friend in the know, or get out and do the footwork.

If you want to simply buy your food and cook it yourself, the street markets are the place to go for fresh produce - especially those that the Thais frequent.

That being said, there are a wide range of stores and supermarkets in many areas, where a good range of the basic produce is available.

Good food is not confined to any particular area in the metropolis, but the up-market restaurants are invariably near the centre.

For something a little atmospheric, try eating at the riverside. there are several good restaurants under or near most of the main bridges over the river.

For something really different, there are several river boat restaurants - with a romantic trip along the Chao Phraya River and integral part of the meal.

Seeing Bangkok from the river, is another experience. eating as you do it, is an eating experience not to be forgotten.

Don't dismiss the humble coffee and pudding either. Some of the coffee shops serve up a desert menu that is second to none - just watch the waistline though.

Food courts are part of the scene, and the MBK center offers perhaps the widest range of restaurants under one roof in Bangkok.

Listings of main restaurants types in Bangkok

Hatchiban Raman - Japanese food for the masses! Popularity has to be earned - especially in the restaurant business. HB realises that and comes up with the goods in a wide range of dishes.

MK restaurants - You cook it yourself, so don't complain! If you are visiting from Europe in particular, you probably haven't been able to try the style of eating where you have a hot pot in the middle of the table and you order the fresh food and cook your own meal. (Health and Safety has not gone berserk in Thailand yet!) MK also do a range of quick ready to eat meals as well.

Chinese Restaurants in Bangkok

The Chinese influence is more or less everywhere in Bangkok - so are the Chinese Restaurants. Most cook for Thai-Chinese, rather than western palates. So grab a seat and eat Chinese food as it was meant to be. Also see Chinatown in Bangkok.

Thai Food Restaurants in Bangkok