Central Provinces

Provinces in Central Thailand

In Geographical or topographical terms, the central area of Thailand might seem bland and uninteresting. But historically , it has done much to shape present day Thailand, and continues to do so.

Central Thailand includes one of the busiest cities in the world of course - Bangkok.

But there other important areas in this region. Different Spellings are the norm. So, we include them as well for Central Thailand Provinces.

The central plains of Thailand have some of the most interesting historical sites and building for the tourist, together with having some of the finest modern buildings in the capital itself.

It is not all flat, for towards the north we have Phetchabun, with it's range of mountains that then stretch and link up with both the north and north east mountain systems.

The Central Thailand area is the most highly populated area as such, though there are provinces which lay claim to having the highest population elsewhere. Here we talk of the 'area' of central as distinct from the areas of North and North east etc.

The central plains area has largely been defined by the mighty Chao Phraya River - a river that in itself has done much to shape the past and present of Thailand.

Whilst Bangkok is now the 'centre' of most things in Thailand, it was not always so. Ayutthaya once was, and should be on the visiting list of all who wish to know how and where Thailand started in its present incarnation. You will need to look beyond that which is served up just for tourism.

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