Bangkok Accommodation: Hotels and Apartments

There is adequate provision for all types of accommodation in Bangkok - apartments, guest houses, hotels and full scale resorts - as you would expect of Thailand's capital city.

This includes hotel stays at all ranges of the price spectrum, together with short and long term let apartments and condominiums.

Most areas in Bangkok are within reach of the main tourist attractions, but areas nearer to the Skytrain (BTS) or Underground (MRT) system will give you that little bit more flexibility, and also alleviate the problem of delays traffic on the roads.

To go with that, the fares on both are very reasonable. Bangkok road traffic moves very slowly for much of the time, but the taxi and tuk tuk drives can normally find the quickest way!

Guest houses tend to be at the lower end of the price scale, and basically you get what you pay for.

Almost all areas of Bangkok have the wide range of accommodation expected, and the area you decide upon can have a marked effect upon the cost of stay.

Make sure that your chosen stay provides what you want in the way of breakfast. More often than not, a room is just that. With no added frills.

Hotels in Bangkok

All areas of Bangkok have a good supply of hotels at a wide range of prices. Peak tourist times are from October through to January, but May and June - together with September can often be busy. Book your accommodation well in advance for those times.

Our Bangkok Hotel listed here cover the full range of hotel accommodation within the city. Images of most hotels are displayed to give you a good idea as to the type of hotel that is listed.

The pages are dynamically sourced, meaning that you will get the most up to date information of pricings and availability.

Bangkok offers a superb range of cheap and budget hotels other than the cheap guest houses and apartments that are available.

Our listing gives a wide range of hotels that can truly be described as budget - cheap if you prefer - but cheap does not do justice to the quality that is generally available in the lower price range.

Apartments in Bangkok

As with the snippet of information for hotel accommodation, there is a good range of apartments to let for a week or more in most areas. The Sukhumvit area is a busy area for most of the year - being at or near the hub of all things that happen.

Short term bookings are available in this range of apartments. You will probably be able to stay for just one night if that is what you are after.

These medium term apartments are for those who wish to set up a base for a month or so - or longer. You will need to book for at least one month, and there will be a deposit required as well as rent in advance in some cases.

Guest House Accommodation in Bangkok

Guest house and hostels abound in the capital, and there is generally a lot of competition for your patronage. This is not to say that there are a shortage of visitors. Bangkok is a prime location for trippers and holiday makers on the hoof.

Guest house accommodation in Bangkok can make a trip or stay a little easier on the pocket. If you are trying to book on the hoof, then make sure that you see the room and facilities that are on offer. This goes for any city in any part of the world. Bangkok is no different in that respect.