Phetchaburi Province Upper Southern Gulf

Phetchaburi's ease of access and nearness to Bangkok - combined with some superb beaches - will make this province an important area of tourist and visitor development in the near future.

Other 'visitor' areas near to Bangkok are becoming crowded - especially in the getaway days of the weekends.

As of writing, Phetchaburi - or Phetburi as it is also known - is relatively un-catered for in terms of the medium-stay tourist. It is more attractive as a day-hop from Bangkok.

The main highway 4 makes for ease of access - there is also the train!

Phetburi is steeped in history - and being en route from Burma (Myanmar) to the heart of Thailand, has seen it's share of conflict in years gone by.

Modern Phetchaburi Province is home to two main areas of population Phetchaburi City and nearby Cha-Am.

A typical weekend view of Cha-Am Beach at weekend. Blue skies are the norm, and reasonably clean water for all manner of water activities and sports.

Cha-Am Beach Phetchaburi ProvincePhetchaburi is the widest land mass in the Upper Gulf area and has several National or Historical Parks - as well as a few well-supported beach areas.

Whilst the provincial city of Phetchaburi is nearer to Bangkok, it is Cha-Am where the modern Thai goes for a weekend retreat from Bangkok.

The hills to the West - which border Myanmar - stand alone, for the province is generally flat plain land - ideal for the farming which is the main occupation of much of the population outside the urban areas of Phetchaburi City and the beach-fronting Cha-Am.

National Parks in Phetchaburi Province

King Mongkut's Palace at the top of Khao Wang in PetchaburiKhaeng Krachan National Park boasts to being the largest of Thailand's National Parks, and in doing so, covers about half of the Phetchaburi Province.

Waterfalls in particular, are visitor features. Caves, rivers, and a huge reservoir - Khaeng Krachan Reservoir make for varied activities, in generally unspoilt surroundings.

Hiking, bird watching or a relaxing boat ride on the Reservoir are all on the visitor agenda. Don't expect to cover it all in a couple of hours.

The Park covers an area of around 3,000 sq kilometers and as such, you will need your own transport to visit. Long hikes there are of course - especially to the waterfall areas.

Phra Nakhon Khiri National Historical park, is situated on the top of the not-too-tall Khao Wang. It is accessed by rugged paths if you feel like a little bit of exercise. Otherwise opt for the tram ride up - but also be prepared for the walk back down, for the tram is one way only - up.

The National Historical Park houses a selection of Wats, and the late King Mongkut's palace overlooking the Phetchaburi City. The attendant monkeys are generally harmless - but of course inquisitive if they have the chance.

Phetchaburi Sweets and Desserts

Phetchaburi is well known in Thailand as a source of assorted sweets - generally made from locally sourced and grown sugars. It would be foolhardy (?) to leave - or even stay - without trying a few handfuls of the sweet stuff.

Natural ingredients such as coconut, palm sugar, bananas, rose apples, pineapples of course and many other local fruits of a seasonal nature.

Many are steamed and wrapped in banana leaves - or roasted in hollow bamboo stems. After a good fill, you can always walk off the excess calories with a 'stroll' up to see King Mongkol's Palace.

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