Chumphon Province

Chumphon Province Thailand Upper Gulf

Once a Thai trading Centre in years gone by, Chumphon is now progressing at a slightly less hectic pace. Therein lies one of the main attraction of the province and city.

This then, is the gateway of Southern Thailand proper, with a scattering of mosques to be seen and differing dialects to be heard en route travelling south down through the province.

Much is made of the fact that Thai Muslim territory starts here. Hardly visible, there is a gradual integration of Thai and Muslim communities generally living peacefully side by side and interwoven with each other.

There is easy access to many islands and areas further south when the urge beckons. Because of its convenience and close proximity, many dive trips to Ko Samui, Ko Tao and Ko Phangan start here.

No shortage of travel companies to assist you with your trip to any other southern area - or indeed to the many attractions around and near to the province.

For many, Chumphon is simply a province that is passed through on the way to the more popular Southern areas, but as a stopping-off place - or even as a final destination, the province of Chumphon has much to offer by way of gorgeous beaches, ease of access, and natural environment.

As yet, it is not a hot-spot for tourism, but it will be before long. Chumphon has much to offer, and several good resorts along the coastal beaches are responding to, or anticipating the demand.

Beaches in Chumphon Province

Hat Thung Wau Laen

Breezy - so well appointed for windsurfing and kiteboarding - not much else - but you can eat there as well.

Hat Sai Ri

Host to the 'Chumphon Sea-World Fair' which is held March/April every year, this beach is the main - most used beach in Chumphon Province.

It has a growing 'awareness' of tourism and as such there are some good resorts and hotels available. It is a good day trip out from the provincial city of Chumphon. Some good restaurants - and of course the seafood - make it all the more inviting. Plenty of boat trips available.

Ao Thung Makham

Sheltered in a pair of connected bays - this is often used as a transit point to various nearby islands. White sands, clear waters, shade from the palms and casuarina trees. The central rocky peninsula which divides the two almost semi-circular bays is a favourite sitting/viewpoint.

There are several attractions - including a notable Wat on the Southern stretch of bay - Au Thung Makham Nok. Seafood and other good restaurants are making this a good getaway for locals and foreigners alike.

Hat Arunothai

The last beach before exiting Chumphon Province - thereafter, the Southern Gulf. Hat Arunothai is not to be outdone by its two further-north rivals.

This is a substantial beach of white sands, clear blue water and palms for shade and shelter. The curving beach eventually merges with the River Tako Estuary and is a good spot for bird watching.

The surrounding villages are home to fishermen and all the attendant facilities. Seafood is served in several beach front restaurants. Boats are available to ferry you to the several offshore island.

Stay at the beach, and there are a few bars, and also a selection of basic accommodation - gradually modernising. Motorbikes are available for rent in Chumphon, but there are several forms of local transport to take you to any of the beaches for a few baht.

Districts of Chumphon Province Thailand