Travel in Pattaya by Soi: Main Roads and Streets

Pattaya is an easy city in which to travel around - once you know how? We take you road by road - or should we say - by soi.

The road system - Sois - in Pattaya is laid out in a very logical way - though it may not seem so at first.

Pattaya is after all, quite a sprawling city with the usual differences between the different areas.

If you enter Pattaya from another province, coming through Chonburi, you will most certainly enter at some point on the Sukhumvit Road.

After you have travelled Thailand, you will have noticed that most areas have their own version of Sukhumvit Road.

The main Sukhumvit Road stretches from Bangkok and travels Eastward to Trat. It was named after one of the chief Highway Engineers by same name.

In Pattaya, the Sukhumvit Road is the main 'through road' from Chonburi to Sattahip North to South.

The main road system in Pattaya is basically a grid of 4 main roads running North to South, (Sukhumvit, Pattaya 3rd Road. Pattaya 2nd Road and the Beach road - Pattaya 1) which are then interconnected by the three main roads that run between Sukhumvit and the coast.

These three roads are conveniently named North Pattaya Road - Pattaya Nua; Central Pattaya Road - Pattaya Klang; and South Pattaya Road - Pattaya Tai. They are the main access points to the city when travelling along Sukhumvit.

Further to the south, there is another main road between Sukhumvit and the coast being Thepprasit road. This road takes you to the Jomtien Beach area of Pattaya.

Sukhumvit Road - Main through route through Pattaya in north to south direction and vice versa.North Pattaya Road - Pattaya Nua - from the Sukhumvit Road down to Westernmost main Beach Road at the 'Dolphin Water Fountain roundabout. Also serving as entrance to the Naklua area of Pattaya.