Motor Bike Repairs

Pattaya Motor Bike Repairs and Customization

At Pattaya Motorbike Shop we do everything that can possibly be done to a motor bike.

Customisation of bikes and sidecars, repairs, complete refurbishment.

If you want it done to your bike - we can do it - in style.

Our service aim, is to give you the best for the least. Our prices are fair and we guarantee quality.

All types of modifications, repairs and customizations to any motor bike or chopper by experienced engineer.

The images give you some idea of the scope and quality of the work that we carry out to any motor bike or chopper.

And, of course we have a wide range of services that are applicable to other bits and pieces of mechanical odds and ends. Customised service is our forte.

We always have a number of bikes for sale., and we are always on the lookout to find good bikes to buy. All of our motor bikes are well tested before we sell or hand them over to you after work has been done.

Custom Made Motorecycle and Sidecar in Pattaya A Wicked Three Wheel Motorcycle in Pattaya

Contact Details

Telephone: 0681901583 (ask for Eef)


We look forward to hearing from you and then working with you to give you a good functional - or fun - bike. One that you can be proud of!