Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach Road: Famous World Beaches

Pattaya Beach and Photos of Pattaya Beach Road

Pattaya beach is world famous and no wonder why. It is full of life from dawn to dusk and even later. We give you a guided tour of Pattaya Beach Road.

Pattaya Beach is famous - if not for the film 'The Beach' then for many other things.

Yes! Pattaya Beach has much to offer on its gently curved 4km of golden sand fringed with coconut palms.

Sun is virtually guaranteed for most of the year - albeit interrupted with some heavy rain showers in the rainy season (June - October) but as with other parts of the world Pattaya seems to be changing in climate norms.

The temperatures range from 30 - 35 on a 'normal sunny day' but feeling less hot with the sea breeze wafting in from the gulf.

The beach itself is a hive of activity for most of the day, and much of the floodlit night. Large umbrellas are there to shade you from the sun that you so eagerly sought, but there is also baking space for those silly enough to soak up the hot sun.

But, the actual beach area has experienced some erosion in size over the last few years.

The newly re-furbished walkway - esplanade - at Pattaya Beach is going to be one of the major attraction, as the beach sand keeps receding in depth.

Pattaya Beach is a busy day-out area. Some of course are happy to spend most of their life here it seems, and no wonder. Beach food, beach views, water sports, things to buy (things not to buy) and baking sunshine.

Some body parts are fine uncovered. Other bits are best covered up and put away. We leave you to decide. If you have to flaunt it, do put on lashings of sun blocking screen, or keep hidden under the umbrellas.

There are speed boat trips, to almost everywhere it seems from Pattaya Beach, and that includes a few offshore islands, or maybe a bit of deep sea fishing.

Pattaya Beach: World Famous BeachesYou will more often than not have to wade out to the craft, but no worries, there are no sharks. Not in the sea at any rate!

If you are the 'drive it yourself' type, then the jet skis await you, but PLEASE, use your brain and don't 'buzz' the swimmers and paddlers just a few metres from the sandy beach.

There is a whole lot of sea out there for you. Use it.

It seems that there is no enforceable law as to where you can actually use the craft. Common sense should prevail.

A view from the northern end of Pattaya beach - easily reached via Pattaya Nua (Pattaya North Road).

Get off the bus at The Northern Bus terminal, and jump on a motor bike taxi that awaits you, or one of the Songthaew taxis that ferry down to the beach. Only a few baht.

Once at Pattaya Beach, you can find a vacant deck chair - covered with an umbrella from where to purvey all that is good - and bad - about Pattaya Beach. It will probably cost in the region of 40 baht.

You will be nicely pestered to eat some food or have a drink - equally reasonable in price, and a wide range is on offer - either from the beach vendor, or bought to you from across the main beach road restaurants. Pampering - Yes of course!

From the centre of Pattaya Beach, looking out to the north and Naklua in the distance. Blue skies are almost guaranteed at Pattaya, with the bordering palms and ubiquitous umbrellas everywhere.

The locals have it all 'sussed' out far better than the occasional visitor. They keep themselves covered - almost from head to toe. In the case of the beach vendors, it will be head to toe.

Pattaya Beach Road Hotels and Entertainment AreasAcross the road which is Pattaya Beach Road, there are umpteen hotels and resorts vying for the tourists spend. In the image below, the Holiday Inn struts skywards - a spectacular sight.

Bars, coffee shops. eating places abound along the Beach Road. All you have to do is to get across from the beach - not always easy, but there will be the odd lull in the traffic.

The Pattaya Beach Road is also gateway to the many famed Soi - Streets - that are host to throngs of ladies - and men - all eager to satisfy any urge you have.

The Soi are not the best places to go for a family meal - unless you want to be answering a few awkward questions from the kids.
Beach vendors - of whom there are many, come in two basic 'uniforms'.

The extra sized baseball hats usually herald a food supply, whilst the pointed hats normally have things that rattle. The latter are clothed in sometimes very picturesque clothing and are always obliging with a photograph.

Bordering the beach, and between the beach and the road, there is a wide palm tree bordered walkway that stretches the whole length of the beach.

Pattaya Beach is well known for the ladies that are eager to help elderly people across the road! There are talks of cleaning up the Beach Area. If this is done, it will be interesting to see the overall effect on the tourist trade and the City's economy. Whilst the ladies are undoubtedly a big draw, they are also a 'turn-off' for the normal tourist.

You won't normally be pestered unless you make a move, so don't be put off a walk along the beach pathway. It is a great walk amidst the palms. Watch out for falling coconuts. (joking! The semi ripe ones will have already been harvested by the locals).

There are many attraction just off Pattaya Beach. Some magnificent shops in the Central Festival Shopping Center, great snacks, and of course all of the entertaining clubs and bars on the other side of the road. If you are worried about crossing the road, ask one of the 'resident' beach girls.

If you get to the end of Pattaya Beach Road - the southern end - then you are at the entrance to Pattaya Walking Street entertainment zone.