Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach South Pattaya

Jomtien Beach South Pattaya at Dawn

Jomtien beach is one of the longest stretches of golden sand on the Eastern Seaboard, with a host of things to do - but still quiet.

Jomtien is the preferred destination for many tourists, and residents in the Pattaya area.

For a start, it is s not as 'brazen' as the nearby Pattaya Beach.

But the likes and dislikes do not start and end with that minor detail.

Jomtien is a long stretch of golden sand with a belt of assorted trees between the beach and main road that runs the length of the beach.

Some hitherto respected guides and books about tourist Thailand, have Jomtien Beach as being 14 km long and being white sand.

Jomtien Beach as we know it - and frequently visit - is in fact 5km long from the Pattaya (North) end, through to where the beach is no longer accessible at the southern end.

Theoretically, Dongtan Beach is part of Jomtien Beach, but is treated locally - and on this site as a different beach.

There is plenty of sand and space in all areas of the beach. Umbrellas there are of course, but also great swathes of uninterrupted sand.

There is an attractive sand bar around halfway along the beach, where it is possible to walk a fair distance out to sea at little more than ankle depth.

One of its main attractions - and there are many - is the fact that there are two very distinctive areas to this lengthy beach. One area - nearer to Pattaya - being just reasonably busy, whilst the area further along the beach is quieter - much quieter.

It is a gradual transformation, allowing use by all types of beach people somewhere along its length.

This will change over the next few years as the many new constructions of condominiums along - or near to the beach - get finished and taken up. Fortunately the infrastructure is taking place as well.

The beach is generally clean, and the sea - whilst not the clear blue sea of the brochures, is found to be acceptable for those who want.

Much of the beach area is undergoing re-paving, and general improvement and refurbishment. A minor irritation! It is easy to get the feeling of things moving in the right direction.

Things to do at Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach South PattayaWater sports and activities are becoming increasingly popular at Jomtien, though not as intrusive (yet) as they are on Pattaya Beach.

The activities include the inevitable banana boat rides, jet ski hire, windsurfing and kids activities via tyre inner tube and the like.

Off the beach - just across the road, there are countless shops and increasingly some upmarket restaurants - as well as a good selection of holiday and Thai food outlets.

At the Pattaya end in particular, there are several soi of interest for the first kilometer or so - most of which have a selection of bars and restaurants - together with the normal range of small shops.

If you get out of bed early enough, you can wander along the beach to where the fishing boats land, after having been out for the last five or six hours. Always plenty of fresh live crabs and other shell fish available - straight off the boat.

Halfway along the beach, an area for volley ball and beach football competitions has been set up on the beach - and is available for all when there are no competitions.

Pattaya City is just around the corner - with its wealth of attractions in and around - many of which are a short trip from the Jomtien Beach area.

Jomtien Beach is relatively quiet throughout the week - a favourite for Russian and European tourists. The weekend is always busy with the influx of visitors from Bangkok - many Thais, getting away from the hubbub of the metropolis.

Jomtien Beach Road at Night

The beach is floodlit at night, and a relaxation place for Thais and tourists alike. Crazy parties are not the norm, but it is a great atmosphere for setting down a mat with a few bottles of whatever you like. A dip in the floodlit sea, being a good way to wake oneself up again.

Night time at Jomtien, takes on a different ambience to Pattaya City. There are bars across from the beach in the first 5 or 6 sois - and also around halfway along the beach there is a sprinkling of bar life.

In terms of having young children, the bars are set back, across the Beach road from the beach, and then into the several sois that cater for the night scene. It is NOT like central Pattaya, and is generally accepted as being more family friendly.

There are a few market type plots, and plenty of assorted shops along the beach road.

Jomtien Beach has its own Night Market, which is an interesting area that can be done in an hour. The market is basically split into two areas - one being the normal food, clothing and general tourist tack.

The other half being populated by makeshift bars - under canvas and whatever will keep any rain off. Most of the market is situated on a 'temporary' patch of ground, so wear sensible shoes after rain.

The traditional market is open from 5 until midnight. The bar area open for food and drink most of the day, and sees itself through until 2.00 am

Restaurants and Eating at Jomtien Beach Area

Finding food is absolutely no problem at Jomtien beach. as well as the Thai food shops on the beach itself - catering for the umbrella dwellers - there are many takeaway, nibbles and full fledged restaurants along the beach road.

These are mainly at the busy Pattaya end, but with many others spread out the length of the beach. Sea food is a specialty, and most of this comes off the local fishing boats or from just along the coast at Bang Saray beach.

The far end of the beach - some 5 km away - is home to some good seafood and Thai food restaurants, and there are several tables set out on the sidewalk overlooking the beach.