Bang Saray

Bang Saray Beach Chonburi

Bang Saray beach is one of the quietest beaches along the East Coast. The beach at Bang Sare stretches for 1.5 km and gets lapped by warm sea water from the Gulf of Thailand.

If you are after a beach that is full of life and has bars along the roadside, move on from Bang Saray.

The beach at Bang Saray is for relaxing, with a few incursions by the ubiquitous jet skis which are now part of the everyday water sport activities along the East coast.

There are two distinct parts to the beach - the busier end is to the East neighbouring the village or small town of Bang Saray.

Further along to the west - towards the Pattaya end, the beach is devoid of more or less everything, other than the golden sands.

Weekdays are quiet - other than public holidays - but at the weekend the beach population swells to near crowding as the Bangkok Thais in particular are now happy to bypass Pattaya to enjoy the peace and tranquility offered by this superb beach.

It is far enough away from Pattaya city - 17 km or so - to be part of the Pattaya Beach scene, and in any event there is not the bar life for which Pattaya is famous - notorious.

The beach is cleaned regularly and raked flat. There is plenty of sand for all and not too many umbrellas at the moment. Shade is provided along the main beach area by palms, and it is great to see some new palm plantings going on right along the beach front.

At low tide there is an attractive sand bar - a favourite for the photographic Thai ladies with their mobiles.

There are countless travelling and temporary shops along the beach where all manner of snacks, drinks and of course Thai food is available. The other side of the beach road sees a handful of shack shops, cafes and eateries.

Things to do at Bang Saray Beach

Golden Sands at Bang Saray Beach Near PattayaOther than a dip in the pleasant sea - or maybe a banana boat ride, there is little other than relaxation to be had on the beach itself.

Plenty of visitors seem happy to do that, and it is the big appeal of the beach.

Pop over the road, and you can visit the public park where the kids can have fun in the small playground, and you can have 'fun' on the fitness circuit and apparatus.

At weekends and evenings, there are the odd beach parties - nothing untoward - fun and getting together. You will not be short of music, for there are normally a few pick-up trucks with doors open to allow the sound of the car radio 'space' to roam.

If you fancy a stroll away from the beach, the village is a few hundred metres walk, with its fair array of shops, a market or two, and a few nice bars and coffee shops.

Stay down towards the sea line, and you can stroll along an interesting soil with all sorts of things happening by way of traditional life, and much of it fishing industry orientated. There are various alleyways down to the fishing boat moorings. Most of these are private.

Incidentally, Bang Saray Village is one of the cleanest and tidiest villages or towns on the East coast. Well done the residents.
There is also a large Wat in the village, with plenty of good photo opportunities.

Walking Street Market is gaining in popularity after a few openings. It is held on the second Sunday in each month, at the village end of the beach, and an area now designated as Walking Street. (Pattaya Walking Street it is not!).

It is open to traffic on every other day of the month. A great and inexpensive way to spend a few hours respite from relaxing on the beach.

Eating at Bang Saray Beach

Eating Seafood at Bang Sarey Beach Fishing VillageBang Saray is a fishing village - even today - and has many fishing trawlers based at there.

Not surprising then, that there should be a good range of seafood on offer - served up in any of the eight decent sized restaurants that are spread along the beach.

Most of the popular restaurants are on the eastern end of the beach - with raised frontage over the sea. The food is superb in all that we have tried, with good value for a good food.

There are two other Thai seafood restaurants at the western (Pattaya) end. These are both located on land and on the other side of the beach road, but with uninterrupted views of the beach and sea.

The meal on the left, served up at the seafood restaurant Au Talay - or SeaBay Seafood - the first restaurant on the left as you enter the beach area from the village end.

Staying at Bang Saray Beach

Sleep in the car, or on a mat on the beach. That's what most people do - those that sleep at night anyway. There are no beach front hotels or guest house on the beach.

There is limited accommodation up in the village. This is sure to change over the next few years as this whole area is undergoing a transitional change into a resort beach. Subtle, but it is happening.

Getting to Bang Saray from Pattaya

Drive along Sukhumvit road from Pattaya in the direction of Sattahip. The first major landmark to look for - after about 14kms - is Nong Nooch Gardens on the left.

You can either turn right at the second U turn past the gardens, and down the long soi to the beach, or better still, drive on to the first set of traffic lights past the Nong Nooch Gardens entrance.

Turn right, and drive down through Bang Saray Village to the beach. From South Pattaya to the Beach is 16-18kms. From Sattahip, Drive 13 kms along Sukhumvit Road to Bang Saray Traffic Lights. Turn left and follow down through the village.